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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Are you organized enough?

I can tell you I am not, with the lost of my computer and having to pay to get my data transfered to MY external drive (yep, you read right I had one but I just sent there the family photos NOT everything), I learned a lesson! I need to get more organize and try to think twice before I do something. I know I have read a lot about this but I haven't done it! Are you doing the same or are you organize?

I have been thinking about this (beleive not having the computer I have had lots of time to think!) specially about scrapbooking those pictures I had on my computer (Thanks GOD I didn't lose any photo). I think that one reason many people do nothing with their pictures is that they think they are not organized enough. It is not reasonable to think that you need to have everything sooo organized previous to scrapbook those pictures. I think that the best way to do scrapbooking is going first with those pictures you love and then keep going with the rest, don't stop because you can't start from the beginning!! just START today! you are going to be inspire when you really DO something!!

You can start with the Mother's day pictures, Graduation pictures from this year, Christmas if you want, but let start it. I mention this themes because you can still have those fresh in your memory! I think the secret is to start working on you current pictures, because you still in LOVE with them. Print them now and work them right away, don't think that you need to have TIME to do your MASTERPIECE! No, they are for you to remember and for the next generations to see what was going on, not for winning a Master contest! Preserve your memories today, remember those are the treasures of your heart, don't get them stuck in a computer or in a box, scrap them today and share them with your family, is a great time you can enjoy during this summer!!

Need some stuff to start, contact me for ideas or shop with me here. The Angel Company have lots of products to help you start, remember don't wait any longer start today!


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Friday, May 29, 2009

Masculine card and a really BAD news!

Yep, I got the diagnostic today! It was the mother board, the power problem burn it!! ouch!! Now I need to get my data and start fresh! NO!! I don't have money for a computer right now, BUT I have an awesome friend that gave me her old laptop so I can keep going until them!! She is such a great friend, don't you think? WOW! I am really touch by the way she told me take my old laptop and that way you can continue doing your stuff!! How nice, right? anyway here is the card I did for my Wednesday of Challenge here. Yes, I know I am late, but I was soo out of my mind with the computer problem and I tought it was fixable today I was like ohhhhhhh, is not true he just want to sell another machine to me!! lol! DH looked at me and told me hello girl! this is a really old machine!! (it was an IBM, the guys at Office Max told me it could go to a Computer Museum, can you beleive it? lol)

Anyway, just to inform you what is going on in my life but I will be here soon (I hope so!)

Have a great weekend!


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are you a business stamper?

Or want to be one (contact me for more information)? If your answer is yes (don't have to be with TAC, any other company out there as well) you should consider to get in John Sanpietro's Stampers Business Groups. If you want to get your business to another level, I highly recommends you to get in the group! Here I am sharing some tidbits JS share with us about the group features, but there is a lot more stuff that is going to help you out with your business!

“I'm happy to announce the following additions to the benefits offered to Members of the Business Stampers Coaching Group:

- NEWSLETTER EVALUATION VIDEOS - each month, we'll look at a Members' newsletter and evaluate it for content, design and revenue-generating effectiveness
- FACEBOOK EVALUATION VIDEOS - each month, we'll look at a Members' Facebook business page and evaluate it for effectiveness in terms of generating both interest and profit for your stamping business
- TWITTER EVALUATION VIDEOS - each month, we'll look at a Members' Twitter page and evaluate the content of their Tweets, offering suggestions to make them a more effective business-building tool
- 12-MONTH BUSINESS SUCCESS PROGRAM - starting in June, this 12-month program will take a formulaic approach to helping you get from Point A to Point B, whatever that may be for you, in a specific period of time.

Of course, this is in addition to the benefits already in place:

- Monday Morning Motivational Audio Message
- Tuesday Coaching Challenge
- Wednesday Business-Building Training Video
- Thursday Blog Evaluation Video
- Friday Weekend Coaching Challenge
- Monthly Members-Only Conference Call
- BSCG Message Board
- Members-only discounts on SIMB products and services

All for $19.95/month! 67 cents/day!

If you're a stamping business owner interested in building your business, I challenge you to find a better value or return on investment than the Business Stampers Coaching Group!

Plus, there's even a 7-day FREE trial you can take before you decide to make the 67 cents/day commitment.”

To start your free trial, click this link NOW!

I can tell you that you are going to find this so helpful for your business that is a great investment for you to do today!


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday of Challenge

Is Wednesday already!! wow time is flying again! Well I couldn't do anything for my computer so I still waiting to get some good or bad news, lol! But I don't want to let you without a Challenge for today! So today's challenge is: All About Boys!! do whatever you want (a card, a scrapbook, a mini album, a 3D project) but do it for a boy! with the Father's Day around the corner you can do something for that ocassion as well!

I will share my project with you later because I haven't have the time to get a picture!!


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little bad news!

I hate to tell bad news but I need to do it this time, but is not that bad. Yesterday there was some power problems and my comuter don't want to turn on!! is in a safe power mode and that is! I tried some different things, but NADA, so tomorrow we are going to try to deal with it and have a solution or buy another one (is an old computer, about 7-8 y/o). I am posting from DH's computer but in this one I haven't install some programs and I can't also check my favorites sites, and can't be here for long time, lol!
I did finish my Memory Crafter Club's kits! So if you are suscribe watch for them soon!

Here again another Hello Sunshine card!! I love, love this set! don't you? Don't forget to gets your now! the promotions is almost ending!!

If you don't read from me soon, remember I am having computer problems!!


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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello Sunshine: Last 6 days!

I love saying this! so as soon as I see this set, I knew I need it. I also love everything in this set! Is such a great one but is going to be available only until the end of the month, so grabs your NOW! Look at those dots, the bunny, the apples and oranges, the flower, the cloud, oh as I said is a must have!

For this card I used the Scallops Cardstocks that we carry now! I really like this cardstocks a lot, lots of possibilities! Check here for mini cards done with it! Imagine scrapbook pages, bigger cards, lot of stuff with this great cardstocks!

In this card I decide to go with this color combo instead of bright colors (that was my first intention) just to show you how you can use this set with earthly tones colors. Is such a fun set that you can tend to use bright/fun colors, but look how nice it looks with this colors, I really love it! I added the brown strip with the dots stamping in white, a really cool touch! (I love dots). Well I hope you like this card and you get that set now!! remember only 6 days away to said Good Bye Sunshine!

Have a great week!


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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Real ANGELS among us?

Yes, I am truly blessed to have my team of ANGELS! I am talking about my downline group! Today one of my downlines have a make and take to do at a local event and she had some problems that couldn't make it! As soon as she share it with us I got another of my girl (that was going to the event as well) and told me that she will love to help but since she is a new angel (a baby angel as she said, lol, she joined us in April) she does not have much products to do 40 make and takes!! (YES, 40 kits). I called one of the other girls that was going (3 of my girls were going together) and through the phone I designed the project with the products that she have for 40 kits! (she is a hobby demo, so she didn't have that much either considering that we need to have 40 kits). So with what she had I create this quick and easy Gift Card Holder, took the picture, write the step by step instruction sent it to one of them and they did the make and take today!! I am the happiest Mama Angel in the world, can you tell?

I feel SOOO proud of my girls, that I have to share with you!! They are really ANGELS! Today I talked with the girl that couldn't make it and she was really touch by the generosity of her sisters! We are a family and I am really happy to have them in my team but more than that in my life!

I just need to share our story!


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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have done a lot today!

Is 1 pm here and I have done a lot! I work with the hostess clubs projects, I shipped most of them today (I still waiting for a box), I designed the MC Club Kit (is looking GREAT!) and I did a little bit of house cleaning! I am going to take a bath now to keep rolling with all the things I want to do today: I need to finish the MC Club kit to be ship on Tuesday, read, organize a Stamping 101 day and something more, lol! Plus play with the girls, cook the dinner and more family stuff!! I called this a productive day, what you think?

Here is the package I did to put the Bundle of Joy Cards on it! Is a clamshell that I embellish a little bit and that is!


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Friday, May 22, 2009

I called it a specTACular day!

I may need to call it WEEK! or a month! anyway I still in cloud 9!! haven't you see my twitter page (memorycrafter) or my facebook page? Are you aware of how wonderful day was yesterday day for me? If not I need/want to share with you, if you already know about it! please read it again with me!! lol!!

Many things happened!

First, TAC sent the Angel's Newsletter yesterday! yes, here I go!! lol, I was soooo waiting for this SPECIAL newsletter!

TAC announced (among other GREAT things):

Diana Maldonado - Executive

Contest Winners:
Diana Maldonado - Fresh and Fabulous Flowers (do you remember the basket with flowers I showed on Tuesday (here)? the ones that I told you have a story?) The story is that I submited for a Contest, but I couldn't wait to share them with you!! I thought TAC was to announced winners last Friday! and I pre-scheduled them for Tuesday, lol!! (there is 5 contests every month for Angels only! will you want to get in? you can win FREE stamps, contact me!)

Star Recruiter:
Diana Maldonado

Me, my downline Aymar and my TEAM were in the Top sellers too!!

What a great newsletter, right? lol!!

Since I already shared with you my Contest Entry! I had this Bundle scheduled for today, but I re-do almost the entire post, lol. I sent this project for another contest but didn't win!! I will share with you later the package I did for them! Go check it out the other AWESOME Contest Winners here.

For this project I used: Angelee Paper Collection, Scallop Cardstock, Ordinary Greetings Stamp, Flowers and Buttons from the Embelishment Jars, Coluzzle Oval Template (discontinued) and Reece Ribbon! Go shopping with me to create this awesome project and wait to see the package!


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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are you Creative and will LOVE...

To be an ANGEL? Starting your own business is a though decission, but is a great decission to make specially in this times. Have you ever considered to:

become your own boss?
work the hours you want?
have fun while work?
have more FRIENDS?
share with others your creativity?
get stamping products at a discount or FREE?

If you have considered any of this things! you should contact me! I can help you start! and I will be there for you during every step in every moment you need me. You can reach me by e-mail or phone! Want to join NOW? Get this 3 sets for FREE if you join TAC during May (hurry there is only 10 days!).

If you thought that you are not that creative, or that you don't have the skills (sale, stamping, blogging, etc.) you need to start your business? Contact me anyway! I will help you with those things too! The good thing about TAC is that you don't have to be pushy to sale, TAC products sale by themselves (trust me on this, you just need to show the catalog to everyone) PLUS! I will share with you what have works for me and TAC minimums are only $100 per quarter so even if you just want to buy your products is a great opportunity (I am sure that down the road you will be surprise how good you can be having your own business!).

I can tell you that since I joined TAC back in 2006 (yeah!! almost 3 years!) I have received a lot of blessings! TAC have change my life and can do the same for you too! Give yourself the opportunity, you will not be dissapointed! Let me know if you have any questions, I will LOVE to have you in my TEAM: Creative Stampers! would you want to join us?


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday of Challenge!

As I told you yesterday, today's challenge is about Semi Handmade projects!! Do you read yesterday post here? Well, this mini purses have been in my to alter it list for long time! But Friday night! I was a little bit late for a little gift I want to do for my downline's meeting! so I grab them and I just do the tags using the Super Jumbo Scallop and Extra Jumbo Circle punches and the Celebration Time Stamp set! a little bit of ribbon and you go girl!!

I was sooo happy to have those little purses in my workshop closet! because even when I think I am "Wonder Woman", I didn't have the time to create a little something from scratch, so the Semi Handmade projects are a great thing to go when you are in a hurry, so next time you are shopping look for this kind of stuff that you can add a little something and make them pop!! Sometimes we have the time to do so from scratch, but sometimes you don't! If you are like me, I know you have a lot of stuff in your to do list for Semi Handmade Projects, go grab something and share with me! Don't forget to go shopping here! you will need some stuff to add that special touch! and there is a lot of stamps here with a 25% off.


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Want some Fresh Flowers?

Here is a Semi Handmade project I did about a month ago! (I will tell you the story later!) and I have been wanting to share it with you since the very first moment I did it!

For this project I used the Mimi Papers: First I made the Flowers, I cut the bigger flowers by hand (yes, I did, lol, I am not good with scissors!) and the little one using the Flower Punch that we carry. Then I add the button and a wire to attach them inside the basket. I have a bunch of this little basket (for ages!!, I am planning to do more soon I really LOVE them). The butterfly is from the Butterfly Bits set that I LOVE, LOVE forever!! (I stamp the solid one using Toile Pink and the Floral one using Claret) The ribbon is from the Lily Anna collection. I also add grass from the Floral Department!! Don't you love this little project? Is o easy to do, that I can tell you I do Love it! Be sure to check tomorrow's post!! for the Wednesday of Challenge, is about Semi Handmade Projects!! you will want to jump in and participate!


PS Don't forget about the current promotion for this month: SOTM, Vintage Set, Spring into May, TAC Bags while supplies last!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick Card for Quick Post

Today was a busy day again! and 24 is two hours, so I need to do this quick since I want to watch it and bake a Bread Pudding I promise the girls! Here is a super quick card I did the other day for a new friend that order some TAC products and I was trying to send it right away! I sure hope she is enjoying and playing with Mabelle Favorites!! After take this picture I add a couple of buttons and it looks so sweet!!

Talk to you tomorrow morning!


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Sunday, May 17, 2009

CSI Team! (some of US)

Do you remember yesterday's meeting? Here is the picture of the group!! I still happy because there was 8 of my DL here!! I know for sure that 6 can't make it since they are in USA (Florida, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Oklahoma and Winsconsin) but I was really excited to share with them ideas and such! If you will love to be in my team, contact me for more details on how to become a CSI ANGEL! this month TAC is giving 3 FREE sets to new demos, don't wait a bit! This is the best time to start your own business and I will be there for you all the time!


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am so HAPPY but tired!!

Yes, today was my Team Meeting (want to come for the next? ask me about it). We have so much fun!!! and I think the meeting was really productive. Sharing with my colleagues is really exciting! I learn, they learn, we all learn together! I didn't take pictures, but I know some of the girls did, so I will wait to share with you later!! Yes, we did the group picture and that was fun, right?

I organize a swap for the meeting and here is the card I did! I love that Victorian Elements so much!! Well I need to go to bed, when the meeting was over my family was waiting for me to watch Marley and ME! Did I cry? Yes, I did, have you seeing it? If not you should do!! Is a great moovie!


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Friday, May 15, 2009

Sorry I've been MIA & my Wednesday of Challenge

WOW! I have been so busy lately! that I didn't even try to upload my card yesterday!! Tomorrow is my Team Meeting and I've been doing all what I need to get my space in shape! (yes, I have three things to do with my stuff: TRASH/Recycle, TO Give/Donate and TO Sale!) Here I am sharing with you the card I did for the Wednesday of Challenge (Circle Theme). I decided to punch and stamp some circles and then create a card! I used the Super Jumbo, Extra Jumbo and 1" Circle punches and the Deco Designs set (wich is one of my very favorites and is on the retiring list! yes, that means it have a 25% off, so grab yours NOW!) for the sentiment I used one of the faves lately, you guess it, right? Booko Blessings is such a great set!

Here is a close up!

Well I need to run again, my table is calling me!!


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday of Challenge

It is Wednesday already? that means that another challenge is here!! Today's challenge is to use CIRCLES! You can do a circle card or layout, a project that have circles! it can be plain circles, scallop circles!, you can stamp circles!! I mean anything goes!! Be sure to link back here! I will be uploading my project in an hour or so! I am having technical difficulties plus is raining! and I am very busy getting ready for the CSI team meeting this Saturday!! if you are a CSI member and you are in Puerto Rico! or if you want to be one CSI be sure to come to the meeting!! Talk to you later! I need to run now.


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Little Bit about Memory Crafter Club

I received a couple of questions about the MC Club and I thought is was a good idea to share with you here too!! MC Club or "MCC" is the Memory Crafter Club.

What is the MCC? is a Project Monthly Kit I start doing in January.

What is there included? I send enough products to do at least 3 projects (it could be a mini album, a card, a mini cards set, tags, wall hanging project, and much more!) and a PDF document send to you by e-mail with the instructions and pictures of the projects.

What date the kit is mail? The kit is out the 25th of each month! I really love this club so the people is suscribed to it! ALL the 3 month suscribers renewed for another 3 months, so that said something, right? I am not going to share instructions here since is an EXCLUSIVE club, but I am going to share today what was included on the Second Edtion!

The club is only $24.95/ 3 months and that includes shipping to USA and PR. If you are interested, just sent me an e-mail with your paypal address and I will send you an invoice. I can send to other countries per request (adding the extra postage) if you want to suscribe per 6 months you get a FREE month! Here is a picture of the second kit (February 2009) Hope you like it! and let me know if you have any questions.


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Monday, May 11, 2009

Scrapbooking Challenge!

Yep! it was time again for another challenge at Paper Wings Forum (the only Angels Forum). As you know I am the host of the Scrapbooking Challenge there and I love it!! is so much fun to come with challenges for your fellow sisters! Our main goal in the Forum is to help us each other, so my main focus is to give ideas on how to introduce Scrapbooking to FUNshops! My challenge this time was to showcase on of our AWESOME SWIC Collections adding the extra touch and FUN with our GORGEOUS stamps! I choose the Mimi Collection and the Linear Sentiment Stamps set! Here I decorated the cardstock with the doted stamp from the LS Set and then added the White Gel Pen to get an extra effect! I really like the results! because is a simple and quick layout that you can WOWed at it! I love to show others how easy can be to do scrapbook! you don't have to incorporate all the NEW techniques and trends to do some scrapbook! you just need to presserve the treasures of your heart! and get those pictures out of those boxes! Haven't start doing scrapbooking! I challenge you to start now! and share with me your work!

In this layout I also used: Just a note (a great set for journaling) and Family is Forever! I love this set for this kind of picture! We enjoy so much at El Morro in Old San Juan!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day for you!

Wishing you a great day today!! Celebrating with your family and hope you can get a little time to scrap as well!! I can tell you I have a great one, DH and my girls did breakfast for me and it was yummoo!!! Then we went to church and to MIL house! and we had a great time there too! Now back home sharing this last minute card with you! I used Catelynne Paper Collection and Trendy Greetings.

I need to call my mom again and I will get some time to get some stuff done! wohooooo! Just a fabulous day!!


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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day Card

Oh well!! Today was raining again! at least I took the picture of this card so I can share with you here! Is another quick and easy project when you need to do something special in no time! Here I use again the TAC tags that comes with every SWIC paper collection. Do you notice that I mix Lily Anna with Angelee? I was really happy that they look well together! and of course the Trendy Greetings Set that have great sentiments for every ocassion!

My parents came to visit us today! so it was a GREAT and BUSY day!! I don't know if I haven't share this here! but I LOVE to COOK!! so when they come I cook for them some special traditional Puertorrican recipes! Chicharrones de Pollo with Rice and Gandules!

Hope you have a great weekend and a SPECIAL Mother's Day!


Friday, May 08, 2009

Do you like my new banner?

I hope so because I have nothing to show today except that!! lol. I spent some time designing and changing my banner! since it was raining a lot and I can't take pictures if is raining! So I will show you some Mother's Day ideas tomorrow!

Have a bless night!


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Another Gift Idea for MOM!

Today was a super busy day! We went out early in the morning! and arrived early in the evening! that's a lot of time because it wasn't the plan. BuT we have an incredible family time and the girls had fun!!

I came to my workshop early in the night! and here is what I came up with! I have a bunch of CD cases that don't fit in my CD towers where I have my stamps! so I need to do something with them, right? Here is what I did!! a Desktop Frame! I love how easy was to do this!! and it looks pretty cool! is a inexpensive, quick and easy gift idea that you can use over and over for any ocassion, I love when I can do something like this. Hope you enjoy it!

I used the Catelynne Paper Collection, Pink, Kraft and Brown cardstock and the tag is from the Mimi Collection, I need to use those tags that comes with our paper! I Know that some people have a hard time using them, but I am in LOVE with those tags!! I need to do some more of the mini cards using them! is so fun and so sweet! check them out here!


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wednesday of Challenge

Is Wednesday already, but if yesterday was Sunday!! oh wow! so here we are again with the Wednesday of Challenge!! Are you ready for another Challenge? This one is very easy!! Since Mother's Day is just in a few days, what about of doing something for a special Mother in your life? That's my challenge to you! and please come back and post here with the Mister Linkys feature! I will love to see what you are up to and use your ideas as my inspiration as well!

My take on this was to create an 8 X 8 wall hanging chipboard frame. Is very easy to do: Start doing a Scrapbooking Layout! I used Angelee for mine since the picture I wanted to scrap was an old picture that I found of Mom & Me when I was 5 months old. Then I mounted in a chipboard piece, did 2 holes and add a ribbon to it! Voila! I have a great gift that I know MOM is going to love and is was very easy to do. I did it in less than ½ hour.

Can't wait to see wha you come with! Don't forget to show me! and if you want/need to see something you see here, you can go to my online store here and here is what I used for this project: Angelee Paper Collection, Family is Forever and Family Fun (get it while supplies last with 25% off).


**I pre-programed this entry and I don't know why, it doesn't show up yesterday. I did it today manually**

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mini Purse Scallop Tutorial

Hey, Mother's Day is almost here! so if you need to dome quick and simple yet a cute gift! here is something you can try!

You need a 4 X 4 piece and 2 scalloped punches for each mini purse you need.

First: Score the scallops at 2. Stamp or embelish one of the scallops piece as you want.

Second: Score the 4 X 4 pieces at 1½ and 2½, turn the piece and score at 1 and 3. With this you are going to make a little box as you may see in the template!

Third: Add the scallops to the box and embellish more if desired.

Note: For the handle cut a little bit of cardstock and you can attach it with glue dots or brads, depends on what you are going to give inside of them!

Hope you like it and give it a try! this is super cute and very easy to do!! If you want to get the products for make this, you can go to my store to get them: Giga Scalloped Circle Punch, Scor Pal, Kraft Cardstock, Audrey Embelishment Jar, Angelee Paper Collection.


Monday, May 04, 2009

From Card to Crop!

Wohoooo!! I want to share with you that I won twice at the NSD event in Paper Wings! I did ALL the challenges! and I feel sooo good to have completed some Layouts! Paper Wings is a great forum for Angels! If you are an Angel and haven't sign up there, go ahead and do it now!! you are going to enjoy it!

Here is one of the Challenges at PW! I haven't share with you (I don't know why?, lol) Anyway the challenge was to do a From Card to Crop wich is very simple, do a card and then with the same idea do a layout! I love how you can do a page from a card idea and how quick and easy this can be with a little bit of stamping fun! What you think?

If you like it and want to buy this products, here is your chance! Floral Labels (wich is 25% off), Playful Parenthesis, Booko Blessings and Little Whimsy Paper Collection. Don't forget about the 25% discount in the soon to be discontinued stamps and the TAC Bags while suplies last!


Saturday, May 02, 2009

NSD - No time to Scrap?

Today we Celebrate the NSD! "National Scrapbooking Day" and one of the things I heard a lot is that "I have no time to Scrap" and when I talked about Stamping to the Scrapbookers is that they don't want to incorporate Stamping into Scrapbooking most of the time because they "are scare". So today I challenge myself to get some time for me and work with some AMAZING pictures I have in a box! Yes, that's me!! lol! I don't have a lot of pictures of me (unless from Seminar, lol) so I picked a bunch of this cute pictures and I sure have fun!

Today, in honor of the NSD! I challenge myself to NOT work with cards today! I don't know if you know, but I start this journey as a Scrapbookers, when I discovered STAMPING! I start making cards and altered stuff! but now I am RE-discovering my passion for using stamps in my scrapbooks again!

I started with something simple for those Stampers that are not yet into scrapbooking and here is the result. A simple page with just a word in stamps. I use Mimi paper collection because I LOVE IT! and because you know something? I love that picture, lol! I was a little cute baby (sadly I can't say that anymore, lol).

Then I decide to keep my pattern paper and add a little bit of stamping what you think? Yes, that's me again (I started looking not so good! lol) with my dear grandma that is with God! I sure miss her! (she died when I was 19) I used to be with her most of the time and it was really sad for me! Anyway not sad stuff today! For this layout I just mount some pattern paper, yep! Catelynne with brown cardstock and I did some piercing in the green cardstock! to add a little bit of stamping I stamped some swirls from the Swirlies set! just as a touch of sweetness!

Since I was thinking about my grandma I picked this picture of her! it match so good with Penelope paper collection that I went to get some scrap pieces! I didn't want to just use the Pattern Paper I want to do some background effect to the Kraft cardstock! I grab my Script Background stamp and stamp it all over the Kraft cardstock! then I just mount the pieces together and finish the layout with a tag from the collection and FLOWERS! you can't go wrong with some flowers, right?

Finally! yes, I am soooo tired! (I did all this stuff while I cooked, did some loads of laundry, answer e-mail and checked the forums and groups, and everything in between! and I spent all morning playing with the girls! and in the afternoon we start learning Latin!) I am using ONLY cardstock to do this layout! I love how using cardstock only, you get the simplicity this old pictures needs! This is me with my cousin Mariela! I just added the Running Stitches stamp (since I don't have a sewing machine yet)and a Scalloped border using my scallop scissors.

Hope you enjoy this ideas! and get to do some scrapbooking, remember Scrapbooking is not about Fancy/Gorgeous pages! is about preserving the treasures of your heart, is about get them in a safe place and out of those boxes! Don't be afraid to get them done in a simply way, don't get scare to incorporate stamps on your layouts! is simple, is cool!! (start stamping in scrap papers! and then try to do some basic stamping!). Have fun and get those pictures out of the box!

If you need/want to buy some products to start, visit my store here, or contact me to help you start!


Friday, May 01, 2009

First Day of May!

I am soooo happy!! May is here! TAC have lots of good stuff this month. Check this out:

Spring into May sets!

Don't you love them all? I am really in love!! specially with the Mice Set and the Hello Sunshine!! I can't wait to get those in my hands!

Don't forget you can get them all here and here in my online store!

Happy weekend and Happy National Scrapbook Day! Stay tuned tomorrow for some fun ideas!