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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Are you organized enough?

I can tell you I am not, with the lost of my computer and having to pay to get my data transfered to MY external drive (yep, you read right I had one but I just sent there the family photos NOT everything), I learned a lesson! I need to get more organize and try to think twice before I do something. I know I have read a lot about this but I haven't done it! Are you doing the same or are you organize?

I have been thinking about this (beleive not having the computer I have had lots of time to think!) specially about scrapbooking those pictures I had on my computer (Thanks GOD I didn't lose any photo). I think that one reason many people do nothing with their pictures is that they think they are not organized enough. It is not reasonable to think that you need to have everything sooo organized previous to scrapbook those pictures. I think that the best way to do scrapbooking is going first with those pictures you love and then keep going with the rest, don't stop because you can't start from the beginning!! just START today! you are going to be inspire when you really DO something!!

You can start with the Mother's day pictures, Graduation pictures from this year, Christmas if you want, but let start it. I mention this themes because you can still have those fresh in your memory! I think the secret is to start working on you current pictures, because you still in LOVE with them. Print them now and work them right away, don't think that you need to have TIME to do your MASTERPIECE! No, they are for you to remember and for the next generations to see what was going on, not for winning a Master contest! Preserve your memories today, remember those are the treasures of your heart, don't get them stuck in a computer or in a box, scrap them today and share them with your family, is a great time you can enjoy during this summer!!

Need some stuff to start, contact me for ideas or shop with me here. The Angel Company have lots of products to help you start, remember don't wait any longer start today!


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