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Monday, June 30, 2008

Some Projects from Seminar!

Yes, I'm organizing my workshop space and working with some stuff, but I want to share some of the gorgeouse and fabulous projects we did at Seminar!! Hope you like them, I LOVE THEM! and if you have any question just let me know! I will try to update the pictures soon! this aren't the best! and don't make justice to the work! all 4 are mini albums!!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Seminar FUN!! Long Post!!

Hello!! I'm still excited about all the great time I had at Seminar last weekend!! It was so much fun! I need to share with you some highlights, because you have to be there to feel all the love and all the SPARK that was there!

First, I arrived on Wednesday, I was supossed to be at 7 in Dallas to travel with my Dear Friend Ginger, but my plane was delayed on Miami (what a messy airport) well I was late, so I need to go on the other plane to Wichita at 9:40 so I arrived at the Hyatt about 11:30 pm, there was Ginger waiting for me and we went to eat something at the hotel's restaurant!! Then right to the room where I was supposed to finish my trades!! At least I finished my Club Med trades. During the morning Ginger made a Chai Tea!! ohhhhhh my gosh!! that is incredible (She is a Chocolatier, check her site!) and some almonds and cranberries cover with chocolate, oh la la!! I wasa blessed to be here roomie for one night!! lol, It was such a pleasure to spend that time with her, if you know her, you know what I'm talking about, but if you don't check her site!! now. Then we just went to Club Med, that time was incredible awesome too!! Finally I met with Jackie and Margo, plus all the Club Med girls!! (Mabelle, Julie, Rita Holmes, Rita Kegg, Rita Wetzel, Pat Genardo and her Sassy Girls, Diane, Carol, Nancy Grant, Candy, Holly and more and more wonderful angels!!)

Then we went to the newbie section to be Papparazi for them, yes Club Med girls went to be their paparazzi!! and after that we chat a lil bit there at the Hotel and went to eat to Spangles (Ginger, Jackie, Margo and me!!) that place is very nice!! ask Jackie!! lol Then back to our team's meeting!! Where I got to met with Heidi, Beth, Dawnmarie, her mother, and all the other girls!! I received the Top Recruiter award and Top Seller #3 on Jackie's team "The Creative Cherubs". Ohhhhhh my everything was soooooooooo fast!! then to Walmart and other stores to buy some stuff!! you know girls need to celebrate!! and we have a nice night!! We went to the lobby to spend some funny time, I met Becky Johns, Robin, Kathleen Buchannan, Tonya Williams, Cherryl Pooh (yes, I spent some nice time with Cherryl again, she is just a sweettie!!), and more girls!! Yes, GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!!!

On Friday, ohhhhhhhhh what a day!! there was classes and make and takes!!! all day!! it was very nice!! but lot of work!! lol We worked with the new collections, new stamps and new tools!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! we was so tired, that we order pizza!!! and then the comedian show!! (I was not going to go to that event, but I knew there was a surprise for us, so I have to be there!!) and yes, the most beautiful moment!! happened there!! I MET THE CUSTOMER SERVICE team!! those girls ROCK!!! if you are an angel, you know what I'm talking about!!! It was fantastical to put faces with names!! I love those girls!! (Shannon, Betty, Sherry and Connie!! and of course Jodi that is not on the CS staff, but she ROCKS!!) we spent more time at the lobby and back to the room.

On Saturday, I was soooooooooo tired myself, but I went to all the classes and finished all the projects, well without pictures!! When I got into the room I was sooo tired that I thought not going to the banquet!! but I did it, and I'm so glad that I did it!! Them started recognizing the Catalog Designers!! yessssss I was a catalog designer with other angels!! I want to say Congratulations to them also: Nicole, Ginger, Carol Norby, Carol Hirsh, Julie Robinson, Julie Griffith, Marissa Alvarez, Barb Foster, Seleise, Barb Limone, Vickie Hook, Mary Moilanen, Leah, Trudy, Pam, Kim, Laurie, Rita Wetzel and some more!! I received Top Recruiter award (yes, I had 11 on this year!!), my dear friend Ginger got the Rising Star award!!!, Jackie got the Top Sales award, Margo, Ginger, Pat and Beth go to stage for promotions!! and my DEAR RITA HOLMES got the Angel Award!! OHHHHHHHHHH what a moment!! My Dear Julie Griffith got the Angel of the year award also!! what a day!!! There was a lot of emotions there!! but a fabulous night! Then back to the lobby to share with the girls just one more night!! It was an amazing time with the girls, I mean with ANGELS! because they are really angels!! I can't forget to said I met with Yuki and Shannon again!! those girls are incredible awezome!! At the last night I spent some time with two girls that are SUPER!! Julie Griffith and Holly Mays! oh girls you are SPECIAL, thanks for be there with me while I wait for the key to my room! (long storie) but thanks to Shannon I got it and just went to the room to change my cloth and back to the fun!! I hope that I don't forgot anyone!! because it was really special! Thanks for being the way you are!!

Here are some pictures I want to share! more to come! (First: with Ginger going to Club Med; Second: at the lobby with Margo and Tonya, Third: with the Customer Service and staff girls: Jodi, Sheryy, Betty, Connie, Shannon; Fourth: with Jackie and Mabelle and the Last: with Rita Holmes, that was a SPECIAL MOMENT!! Love ya Rita!! and thanks to Mabelle, the one in charge of that picture!! Love ya too!!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

A card to share!

Today I went to my chiropractic and he helps me with my neck!! So I feel better now!!! Then I cut half of the new stamps I got at Seminar!! so I will be playing soon and I was trying to do that fast, but I have 9 new sets to cut!! so that have being more than I expect! plus I have more to cut in a box! At least I cut the Celebration Invitation, the Level A and all 4 from the Beginning Bundle! so I just need to cut Level B, Level C and Level D sets from the current catalog and I'm done!!! BUT today TAC sent me the ones I selected with the 2 $50 gift cards I received at Seminar!! so more stamps to come!! yihhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

I want to share this card with you, I submited for the catalog!! but didn't get featured! Now that I see it, I think that have a lot of white!!!!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday of Challenge!!

Since I am sooooooooo happy with my new stamps!! today's challenge is about using something NEW!!! so grab something you bought recently, do something with it and post a link here so we can check it out!!

Be sure to check *here* my previous post from today!

Have Fun,

I'm here!!! do you want to see some NEWBIES??

WOW!! I thought is going to be forever!!! I missed you soooo much!!

Well I have to said, that Seminar was GREAT!! spending time with other ANGELS is priceless!! if you ever have the opportunity be there!! just GO! is a special weekend full of LOVE!! I don't want to bother with all the details, but I will try to post a sum up soon!!

I just want to share the new catalog with you!!

And .... I'm one of the designers!! I did a card (that I shared with you few months ago, not knowing that it was to be feautured on our catalog, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lol) and I'm so happy about it!!! can you tell?

I will try to do a slide show soon to share with you all the awesome projects we did at Seminar!! Here are just a few FAVORITES that I NEDD right away!! Except for the Just a note set, that I already have!!

Love ya

Friday, June 20, 2008

A sneak peek!!

LOL!! isn't from the catalog!! is from our Online Seminar on Paper Wings Forum. I did a Complete Album Project featuring our Winchester paper collection and the 6 X 9 Chocolate album from Making Memories but this is available on our catalog also!!

Just a sneak peek, because I'm not sure when is going to be post there, and is a surprise, but check here on Paper Wings gallery because it should be there now or any moment!!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Paper Wings Birthday!!

Yeahhhhhhh, yesterday was Paper Wings First Birthday, isn't exciting!! Paper Wings was created by Angie with Toni's help! they did an awesome work to put together a place where angel gathers!! We share a lot of tips, techniques, challenges, projects, etc! I'm honor to be part of the Wingers Desing Team!! and we have the assigment to create Birthday's theme projects, here is what I did!! Hope you enjoy it, I have a lot of fun with it!!

I'm still in Kansas, as soon as I can I will share with you what is going on here!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday of Challenge!!

If you thought that I forgot about it!! well you are wrong!! I'm on my way to Wichita but here is TODAY's Challenge!!

Use this sketch to create a card, a layout or whatever you need to do!!

I will post my sample later because I draw this sketch from my Seminar Trades and I want to be SURPRISE to my fellow angels!!

Please pray for me, for a safe trip and a great time!! with my friends in Kansas!!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally, the album for my niece!!

Yes!!! Finally I did the slide show yesterday, but have internet problems and couldn't post it yesterday! so here it is!! Hope you like it, I had a lot of fun doing it! since is a 6 X 6 with 20 layouts I finished it in less than 2 hours!! Those papers (Mimi Collection from TAC) are a blast to work with!!

I'm also working with some projects I will share next week with you because they are for the Paper Wings Forum's Birthday!! I had fun doing my projects!! So I will share with you as soon as I posted there!! because is a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!! and then Our Online Seminar and I have a project for that too!!! Can't wait to share with you!

Have a great day! I'm going to celebrate my DSD's birthday!! She turned 20 today!!! She is a big girl!! lol


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday of Challenge!!

I GOT my Build a Flower set two days ago!! and I NEED to play with it, right away!! So since I was working with 2 differents project kits for the Camp! (yeahhhhhh 38 each!!! yikessss) I used it for one of the cards there!! wohoooooooooo!! Then, when I finished I said, well I need to post the challenge, but I can't challenge to use the NEW set because I know not everyone have it already (but remember you can order it NOW if you want to) so I said, hmmmmmmmmmmm work a card with the set and there you have something NEW, take an old embelishment and you get something OLD and the designers paper I have on hand, since I used those for one of the kids projects!! and I get something BLUE!! so that is my challenge for you!! Use something NEW, something OLD and something BLUE!! Hope to see your creations!!

I'm doing this posts quick!! because I have so much to do and is WEDNESDAY!! so just a week for TAC's Seminar!! Can you beleive it? Well, I just need to beleive and start finishing my stuff!! LOL!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A gift for a friend

I have been working real bad with a lot of things!! At least I finished with my dd's paperworks for homeschool this year and I sent everything already!! They did great!! and I'm so proud!! My lil daughter is going to Second Grade and she is only 5 and the oldest one she finished her grade in only 5 months!!!

Well here is a lil gift I did for a friend! hope she likes it! It was so much fun doing it!! I used 4 X 4 coasters and Genevive paper collection from TAC. I hope to share with you my niece's album, but I haven't the time to edit all the pictures, I hope to do it soon!!

Talk to you later!


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wednesday of Challenge!!

WOW!!! Is Wednesday again!! Well as I anticipated yesterday!! get those letters and work with them for a card or a LO!! I used it on my P is for Papá card!! and now here F is for Friend!!

And here S for Sisterz!! Is a 6 x 9 LO! I LOVE those letters TAC have on the catty!! I just noticed and got them! they are thin and perfect for any project!! they looks awesome!!


PS This is my 4 post for today!! wow!! I told you that I need a break!! lol! I think I'm just excited because is only 14 days to Seminar!! lol!! Please pray for all of us that will meet in Kansas! pray for safe travel, great weather and nice friendship and stamping time!!

Build a flower Sneak Peek!!

Wow!! Is here!! another sneak peek and this one you can order right away!! So if you want one of this, e-mail me asap! because I'm ordering some today!! yeahhhhh I can't wait!! LOL!! Remember that even if you are outside USA you can get them from me!!

Here are the details if you want to order directly from my site!! build-a-flower • T-2954 $15.95 • set of 13 Compatible Acrylic Blocks: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", 1 1/2" x 4", 2" x 2"


Kreative Blogger Award!

WOW!! I'm sooo excited! I received the Kreative Blogger Award!! and it was my dear friend Ginger! she is a great friend, a Kreative Stamper and a true angel for me! She is also an Angel with TAC! and she is one of the most person I have met! and you know what in June 18 we are going to travel together to Seminar!! It was such a blessing that we could go! and then we discovered that we were on the same plane!! needless to said we changed seats to be together!!! and then we are going to room together that night!!

Thanks Ginger for this award, it means a lot for me!!


I've being tagged by Percy!!

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I was starting my Master Degree, I met my DH and get married....

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Have FUN with my family
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Snacks I enjoy:

Anything sweet!!
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Things I would do if I was a millionaire:

Move to USA with all my family!!
Help others, specially those who work for God!
Buy stamps, stamps, stamps and build a Studio outside the house, like a Retreat Center for me!! and I will invite all of you to stamp with me! I will pay all expenses!! and of course a trip to the stores!! so you can get all you need!
Take a well deserved vacation in Europe!
Spend all the time with my family and friends! (I do that now, lol)

Places I have lived:

I was raised in Comerío, then moved to Rio Piedras to studie and get married and moved to Trujillo Alto all in Puerto Rico my enchanted island!! I will miss my island!

I will now tag:

Heather, Angela K, Iralamija, Seleise, Yesy and Ginger!

Visit Percy's blog, you will love it! she is on Angelhood #1 and one of my "Baby Angels".


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I need a break!!

Wow, today was a hard day for me!! I woke up early because my parents were coming today to visit me with my nice that is going to move to USA!! on Monday! It was a hard time for us, but specially for my mother since we are planing to move away too!! then she is only going to have close the twins (boys) and their lil sister!! I don't want to think about that now, because I need to finish 38 kits for tomorrow morning!! so I need to run with this post!

I just want to share with you a I did for my niece! she graduates from Sixth Grade last Thursday! and I couldn't assist! I did also a mini album for her so she can save the graduation's pics!! Since the colors where dark pink and gold! I use the Mimi paper collection!! Here is just the Cover! because I have to keep working with tomorrow's workshop and I need to sleep too!!

Talk to you later! well tomorrow with the challenge!! Start looking for LETTERS!!! just a hint!


PS I noticed that I took the card's photo before I add the '08 besides the grad cap!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Another Father's Day Card!

Yes!!! I am getting excited with masculine cards, lol! This one is using Beate's Sketch! I love her site! and her sketches so I love to give it a try when I can!!

The letter P is for Papá (DAD)

Hope you like it! I need to run now!!


PS Is already June!! Just 16 to go!! Can you beleive it?