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Monday, October 06, 2008

Card's Box Template

OHHHHH, Finally! Here is the template! I can't beleive how much trouble this cause me!! First!! I have internet access on my computer! Yesterday my DH and I worked it out. The drivers from the Router were missed or vanished or whatever the thing is that DH worked it out and now I can access from my computer YIHAAAAAAAA!!!

Well later I tried to upload the Slide Show and there was an error and then I couldn't upload the template because I have it on PDF! BUT I did worked it out and is here! Tomorrow I will try to do a tutorial for all of you that are more visual like me!

Hope you like it and if you do it please link it here so I can see what you do with it!!

Enjoy it!

Love ya,


catt871 said...

Thanks for the template!!! I received your package yesterday - I totally forgot I had won!!! Thanks so much, it's great!!!

"Jany" said...

Hice mi cajita y use Penelope, con cardstock Kraft y hasta las flores que me diste de regalo de cumpleanos. No te imaginas lo bella que me quedo. Como la hice en casa de Martin pues use mi guillotina y no la scorpal pero igual es un exito!

Tan pronto como la fotografie y la ponga en mi blog (quiero hacer las tarjetas en juego) te vuelvo a comentar para que vayas a verla.

Tienes que hacer ese video tutorial! Al principio me dio miedo que no me fuera a salir porque no entendia la imagen como iba a ser el resultado final (la primera vez que la vi si, pero cuando fui a hacerlo me bloquee). Ahora tengo excusa para ir a Walmart y comprar velcro. jajaja

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