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Friday, November 30, 2007

8 days!! and a tip for scalloped cards

Wow, tomorrow is DECEMBER!! what a great time!! I love December don't you?

Well the hint for today is CRICLEs!!It can have circles but if is in a circle shape!! you get double tickets!!

EL tip de hoy es CIRCULOs!! Puede ser algo que tenga circulos, pero si es en forma de circulo tienes DOBLES tickets!!

Here is a tip if you want to make a scallop-circle card like this one! I cut the card with the CM system, then I use my scallop circle to cut all the way around but I cut a scallop at a time, yes is not that much fun, but it works perfect and the card looks great!

Hope this help and you can enjoy as much as I do, doing scallop-circle cards!

Have fun and share with me!!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

9 days!! Where does the time go?

Wow, it was just a few days ago I started the 24 days until my BIRTHDAY!! and is just 9 days to go!! can you beleive it? I can not!!! Wow, I have to work on some stuff for the 10 and I have no time!!

Two years ago I started celebrating my Birthday with my Scapbookin' Friends!! but this year I am with my cast!! what can I do? Do you have an idea? I am going to miss this special day full of laugh and scrapbooking projects!! At least I am going to see some of you two days later! but if I can get something going on I am going to do it, but have no clue!! so let me THINK!! lol

Today's hint is.... LOVE! have you started with your Love ideas? Well I started already thinking on what I am going to do so, this is my hint for today!!

El tip de hoy es AMOR! ya empezaste con las ideas de AMOR? Bueno, en mi caso!! siiiii ya estoy anotando algunas ideas de lo que quiero hacer y voy a hacer, así que lo aprovecho como tip para hoy!! a solo 9 días de mi cumpleaños!

Have fun and share with me!


You have to do this test!!

It is really nice. Hope you enjoy it!!

You Are Socks!

Cozy and warm... but easily lost.
You make a good puppet.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Only 10 days!!! and my FIRST sketch!!

Yes!! This is my FIRST sketch!! I only have PAINT so is a simple sketch. I did a set of cards using this sketch, but I have problem with my computer so I am using DH's computer and do not have the pictures here! and I am upstair!! so I can not post pictures today, but you can see yesterday's one (the problem start when I upload that one, the computer freezed!!)

So for today you can use this sketch to creat your project!

Para hoy puedes usar este sketch para crear tu proyecto!

Have fun and share with me!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11 days!! I have another challenge for you!!!

Yes!! I have another challenge for you! LOL!

Today's hint is!!! RIBBONS!! yeahhhhhhh, Ribbons!! I love ribbons so lets get some fun with them!!

EL tip de hoy es CINTAS!!! siiii Cintas!! a mi me encantan!! asi que a trabajar!

Have fun and share!


PS Mine is going to be here tomorrow! cause I do not have batteries on my camera!! arghhhhhhhhhh I forgot to charge it!

****This post was edit to add the image, it is an altered binder clip****

Monday, November 26, 2007

12 days I am almost one year older!!

OHHHH, thanks to this I feel happy!! and have not thought that I am nearly to be one year older!! LOL!

Thanks for all your comments, e-mails, and calls, I really appreciate them!

Todays HINT is!!! punches!! yessssssss use punches on your works!!

El tip de hoy es PUNCHES!! siii usa punches en tus trabajos y ya estás participando, recuerda poner el link en los comentarios o enviarme un e-mail!

Have fun and share!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

13 days and my 100 post!! Can we celebrate?

Yes!!!!!!! is only 13 days to my birthday and this is my 100th post!! Can you beleive it? Well I have another reason to celebrate! and you can celebrate with me!

The hint for today is!!!! ANYTHING GOES!!! yesssssss whatever you do you can participate!! so post it on your blog and leave a comment on this post! with the link to your blog, if you do not have a blog post a comment here and send me your work through e-mail!! and you get one ticket for the BIG CANDY on December 11!! You can get one ticket for every entry so if you send more, you get more!!

El tip de hoy es!!! TODO VALE!!! siiiiiiiiiii lo que sea que hagas puedes participar! Añádelo a tu blog y deja un comentario en este post con el enlace a tu blog! si no tienes blog, deja un comentario en este post indicándome que lo enviarás por e-mail! y puedes ganar un ticket para el BIG CANDY el 11 de diciembre! Mientras más participes más tickets ganas!!

Have fun and share with me!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

14 days!! wow, just 14 days?

The days are going fast!! I can not believe is just 14 days for my Birthday!!! I have to plan something really good! LOL, I am getting old!!

Your hint for today is................. LETTERS!! Use stamps, chipboard or whatever you like more to do soemthing with LETTERS!!

Su tip de hoy es.................... LETRAS!! Usa stamps, chipboard o lo que te guste mas para crear algo con LETRAS!!

Have fun and share with me!!


I just want to share!

Here is my new baby!! I have told you about my accident! Well, I am going to be with this new baby until Dec. 12!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO, I do not know how can I survive! LOL I know that God has a purpose in everything, so I just have to trust HIM again! and be thankful for all the things He have done in my life!

Have a great day!


PS I am going to work on my All about gift kit! I am almost done so I can share with you later!

Coaster Mini Album tutorial - A simple and gorgeus Mini album!

What you need:

5 square coasters (I used 4")
6 square pieces of pattern paper (4")
Adjustable Drill Press* (Optional, but you can save time and get perfects holes!)
A ring, ribbons and embelisments.

What you should do:

1. Add glue to coasters and then add the paper pieces. You should glue one piece of paper to each coaster, except the cover coasters that should be cover both sides!

2. Add the photos to the remaining spaces (4 photos if you are working with 5 coasters!)

3. Embelish your album and cover.

4. Using the Adjustable drill press, or whatever tool you have on hand to do holes, make the holes to all coasters on the same place. I do so at the top left corner.

5. Add a ring and some ribbons if you like.

6. You have a perfect gift for any ocasion.

***This tool is awesome, I used it a lot, is worth the money. You can make a hole to lots of chipboards at the same time!! is just perfect! Plus if you buy $50 in products you can have it as ½ price item if you do so before Nov. 30 and you can get a Level A set too for FREE!!, contact me for details***

Friday, November 23, 2007

15 days and the CANDY picture!!!

Yes, finally I am here with the CANDY picture. THANKS for your patience!! and as a BONUS!! (you know how I love SURPRISES!!) I have an EXTRA that I am going to show on Dec. 8!! So stay tune!!

What is picture here:

8 X 8 paper stack, eyelets, brads, flowers, coasters (round and square), sponge, ink, stamp sets, ribbons, stickers, rubbons, chipboard squares 6 X 6 (great for mini albums), mini board book, square box (for altered art), mini canvas, butons, charms, ribbon charms, cards with envelopes, diecuts, metal tin, tags, slide mounts and alphabet foam stamps.

Today's hint!! MINI!! you can create a mini album, a mini card, mini tag, whatever you do it have to be mini!!!

El tip de hoy es MINI!! puede ser mini album, mini tarjeta, mini tag, lo que sea tiene que ser mini!!

Have fun and share with me!


I was nominated!! and my nominations

I was nominated by JANNY!!

Here the rules:
1)Post the regulation
2)Talk about of 8 curious things that have spent and that we have never published in our Blog.
3)Choose 8 people to be nominated and that they continue with the game...

Aquí las reglas:
1)Postear el reglamento
2)Hablar de 8 cosas curiosas que nos hayan pasado y que nunca hayamos publicado en nuestro Blog.
3)Elegir 8 personas para ser nominadas y que sigan con el juego ...

Wow 8 curious things!!

1) I have some car accidents because I got asleep while driving! He tenido varios accidentes de auto porque me quedo dormida aún guiando!!

2) I love sugar!! My DD's called me Candy Girl! and they sing the song Candy Girl to me! Me encanta la azúcar, mis hijas me llaman azuquita y me cantan la canción Candy Girl.

3) I was scared to travel but last summer I went to TAC Seminar in Kansas City alone!! I stayed alone and have FUN!! shhhhhhhhhhhhh!! LOL. Le tenía miedo a viajar en avión, pero el verano pasado fui al Seminario de TAC en Kansas City SOLA!!!, me quedé sola y Disfruté!!! shhhhhhhhh, jeje.

4) I love to shop and some times I even give away the stuff without using them! Me encanta comprar y a veces vendo casi regalo las cosas sin usar.

5) I have more than 30 stamps set without cut them! Some are going to be discontinued by TAC and I have them in a box for SALE!! Tengo más de 30 sets de sellos sin cortar!! algunos ya los van a descontinuar y los tengo para vender en especial!

6) Some times I have stuff that I need and I do not remember that I have them! A veces tengo cosas que necesito y ni recuerdo que las tengo!

7) I bought the Expresion as soon as it was on Pre-Order and I have used it just two times!! Compre la Expression tan pronto la pusieron en Pre-venta!! y apenas la he usado dos veces!

8) I love chipboard, stams and coasters! Me encanta el chipboard, los stamps y ahora los coasters!!

I nominate... A quién nomino???

1. Toni
2. Mabelle
3. Allison
4. Regina
5. Betty
6. Heather
7. Julie
8. Beate

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am sorry!! 17 and 16 days....

Hello!! Yesssssss, I am soooo sorry, but my foot was hurting me really bad, so I have to go to bed early yesterday!!

I could not work in anything since 4 pm yesterday. I went to the doctor's appointment and arrived at 1:00 pm. I was feeling better and start working in the coaster album tutorial and at 3-4 I started with a hard pain!!! so I went to my room to take some rest and never stand up until today!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! hope you have a great day with family and friends giving thanks to GOD!! for all the great things HE HAVE DONE for US!!

Yesterday hint!! COASTERS!! I was working with the tutorial so what you can do with a Coaster? or some coasters?

EL tip de ayer COASTERS!! Como estaba trabajando con el tutorial, ese será el tip, que puedes hacer con un coaster? o con varios coasters?

Todays hint!! Work with Red, White and GREEN!!! since we can start officially Christmas Season, what a great moment to use this colors!!

EL tip de hoy!! Trabaja con Rojo, Blanco y VERDE!! como ya comenzamos oficialmente la Temporada Navideña que mejor momento para usar estos colores!!

Have fun and share with me!!


PS Tomorrow, Coasters mini album tutorial!!! and the Candy PHOTO!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

18 days....Wow!!! My late post!!

I am sooo sorry!! I have to came up (second floor of my house) and can not work on my workshop (that is on the first floor). My foot hurts soooo bad, that I can not take it so I have to came up and have some rest, but can not go to my workshop so I just can post the hint!!

Hint for today is FLOURISHES!! you can use stamps or your own designs!! it can be a tag, a card, you name it!!

Yessssss, tomorrow I am going to post a photo of the CANDY!!!

Tip para hoy FLOURISHES!! pueden ser stamps o tus propias creaciones, recuerda que puede ser un tag, una tarjeta, lo que quieras!!

Siiiii, mañana podrán ver el CANDY!!


Monday, November 19, 2007

19 days!!! ohhhh can not wait!!

Another busy day!! and I can not create anything!! Some orders came today so I need to pack them and get ready to deliver or pick up! Some stuff to send on the mail!! and the every day stuff in the house that get more complicated when you only have a good foot!!

So for today I am going to go with an easy hint!! Christmas!! create whatever you want with this theme and you can participate in an awesome CANDY!! Yesterday I started to add to the box and let me tell you, you are going to LOVE IT!! So be sure to create something to be part of this!

El tip! de hoy será super fácil!! Navidad!! crea lo que quieras usando este tema y podrás participar de este increible CANDY!! Ayer comenzé a añadir cositas a la caja y dejame decite que te ENCANTARA!!! Así que asegurate de crear cualquier cosita para ser parte!!

Have FUN and SHARE!!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

20 days and just less than 100 surprises!!

Yessssss, I can not believe it, just less than 100 surprise boxes so if you want yours, order it asap, cause when they are gone, they are gone!! Drop me a note to get yours!! before they go out of stock!!

For today's hint!! you have to use ONLY cardstocks up to 4 differents colors!! yeahhhhhhh is really FUN!!

Para el tip de hoy, usa SOLO cardstock hasta 4 colores diferentes siiiiiiiiiiiiii es realmente divertido!!

It was such a challenge for me!! Is really hard to work with a cast on your foot!! but I know that is not impossible!!

Have fun and share with me!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

21 days!! and Birthday celebration!!

My baby is 5!! can you beleive it? I can not!! she is sooooooo big!! now I do not have any babies here!! Is such a great blessing to have kids on the house! I can not imagine my life without them! but they grew up soooo fast! So today my hint is just that BIRTHDAY celebration! you can create anything Birhtday related!! or you can decide to use Kittys, she loves kittys sooo much, I will show you later my creation and a picture with her presents!! of course kittys!!

Mi tip para hoy Celebración de cumpleaños, puede ser cualquier cosa relacionado a cumpleaños o puedes usar gatitos, mi chica ama tanto a los gatitos!!!

Have fun and share with me! I will post tomorrow, cause my family is here!


Friday, November 16, 2007

22 days... and counting!

Today I am using and old set because I could not create anything new, this picture is from a past Stamp Camp Project! But tomorrow is my DD's 5 year birthday and today I tried to be with them, but it was very painful!! You can not imagine how I feel when I get to the car!! It was PAINFUL!! So now I am here trying to recover but can not design anything right now!

I used:

Artsy Elements stamp set - TAC
Fanciful Flowers stamp set - TAC

If you need the measurements for the box, let me know! The cards are 3 X 3.

So for today: Give THANKS!! this is the hint for the challenge!

What can I said! with all this happening in my life I just can say THANKS to God that have being with me for so long! thanks for taking care of me and my family, for be there when I need Him!

I just want to say thanks to all of you my friends and my readers, I love to come here and read your comments and see from where you get here!

Post your project on your blog or send it to my e-mail! I have a pictures for First Day Challenge: PINK!! Keep them coming!! I have some GREAT stuff for the CANDY, I hope to take a picture tomorrow and post it here.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

23 days... and a SURPRISE!!

I am going to start for the SURPRISE!! yes the surprise boxes!! As I have mentioned before TAC is offering some GREAT boxes stuffed with great products!! As of today all the boxes that have being received have a GRAND TOTAL of $201-210 in products yesssss you read correct $200+ for only $50 plus shipping and tax!!

Do not wait until November 30 because this are just while supplies last and the Tacbags were out of stock pretty fast!! So be sure to orders yours asap if you do not want to miss this great offer. You can go to this blog to see two differents Surprise Box!! you are going to be amazed!!

The hint for today is BUILD A FLOOWER!! so you can do any project you want and add a flower build and share with me! You can send it through e-mail or just upload it to your blog and link to it in this post!

Here is my card:

I used a punch circle (1½")
Circle stamps from Blooming Builders
Ribbon from Mimi Collection

Is a simple card cause I can not get all my stuff as fast as I should do it, so I am only using the stuff in my table!!

Have fun and post your creations, remember you have until Dec 8 to post your creations but the sooner the better cause if you post each challenge withing 72 hours you are going to have double ticket!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

24 days until my BIRTHDAY!!

Yessssss!! Can not beleive that is only 24 days until my birthday!! As I share with you, this days have being amazing for me! Family, good/old friends and YOU! Is such an amazing feeling!! But yesterday night (everything can not be perfect!) I have a lil accident in the stairs (at my house!) and I went to the doctor today and I have something in my foot ligaments!! ARGHHHHHHH it hurts a lot!! but God is awesome and I am here!! so I have to be thankful cause it could be worst.

GOODNEWS!! since I am not going to be able to create a LOT in this days (I hate pills!) so I have a Challenge for you!

Everyday, starting today, I am going to post a theme, color, sketch, element, technique, anything you can use to create a project (it can be a card, a tag, a Scrapbook page, a mini album, anything!!) showing what I have mention and you can enter for a CANDY!! from me!! and I am going to select a WINNER on December 11 (My bday is on Dec. 8, but the 9 is Sunday, on Monday is my DH's birthday so on Tuesday I am going to celebrate here!!)

If you have any question, feel free to contact me!

TODAYS hint!!! is PINK!! cause is my favorite color to create!! it have to have something PINK!! My card is coming tomorrow cause my foot still hurting me and I can not get it attached now!! I did it, take the photo but the computer is slow!!

Have FUN!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Can not beleive it!!

Oh, today was a great day too!!

I talked with some really good/old friends!! can you beleive it? Ihave not being in contact with them then my DH arrived with my brother and my DH's daughter!! what a great company! We have some good time!

So, my parents came on Friday, my brother today and I guess I am going to see my sister tomorrow!! Yihaaaaaa!! plus the phone calls with good/old friends PRICELESS!!

That is all for today, I am working on a Canvas, but can not share now!!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a weekend!!

Ohhhhhhhhh, I am sooo happy!! This was a perfect weekend!

I have to tell you that my parents came on Friday and we have lunch together, they are awesome!! My dd's can not be happier! when they are here, sometimes I have to tell them just to slow down cause they just want to play, play and play and my mother wants to spend time with me also, but they wants her all for them!!

Then on Saturday I have part of my TAC downlines with me doing a georgeus lil project, we have good time together!! I hope to have all here for next meeting, but I know that is almost imposible!! I have to share with you the project, but I have to ask permission to post their photos!

Then, I have to run to the airport, yesssssss my DH is HERE!! he is such a blessing in my life!! I was soooo happy that he arrived!! and the girls ohhh my, they missed him!!

Today, we have some GREAT family time together and watch the movie "Facing the giants", if you have not have the chance to watch it, please do so asap!! is a great movie you are not going to regret that you do it! Is an awesome movie with an awesome theme and it can change your life!! Hope you can do it soon!

And adding to all of that, I have such a great time conecting with some old-friends!! that is priceless!

I almost forgot, the card here is for my brother's birthday! and I used CPS #39


Friday, November 09, 2007

Can you imagine...

Tonight (well it was around 1 am) I was thinking that I should go to sleep, but I have not post anything for you (the ones that e-mail me and call me that you check the blog every morning!!!) And I said, you can NOT go to bed if you do not have a message in your blog!! LOL, maybe you are laughing, but it was real!!

So I decided to post a preview on something I have being working lately but have not finished yet!! (I just need to do some minor details!) This is an album that I won at TAC Seminar!! and the papers are designed by Mabelle Ramírez, and I won those too. So I get some awesome pictures that match perfect with that collection and I know that you are going to like! So last week I was talking with Rosalyn, my BFF, and told her, you know what I have to work with the album that I won at Seminar, is going to be 5 months and I was sooo crazy about it that I can not believe I have not work in it yet!! So I decided to take the album with the papers and photo and start working! (If you know me you know that I am kind of bipolar, so I work about 3-5 projects at the same time!) Since I am working with my Christmas projects, plus some tutorials I do not want to show the album until I finished, but I feel forced to do it, *wink wink*

Have a great day! Today my parents are coming so I am not going to be here until night! hope you do not miss me! I know that I am going to miss you!


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Quick and easy!


I still having fun, but now with you!! I have received phone calls, comments and e-mails asking me how can I get to do all the stuff that I do!!

First! I do not sleep!! LOL, now seriously, my DH is in USA and I can not sleep without him, LOL, sincerelly I am a night person, remember the McDonald's TV commercial? I can go to sleep at 2 or 3 am and get up at 7 and have a normal day! but if I go to sleep at 10-11 I can not get up early!! can you beleive me?

Usually during the day I do homeschooling with my girls, so when they are working on her papers or tests I have a lil notebook where I write all the things that I have to do when they go to sleep! Sketches, plans, a list with the materials that I am going to use, that way I just work! Since DH is not here, when the girls go to sleep (if I do not fell asleep with them like on Monday) I go to the workshop to get my stuff done! When DH is here I spend time with him before come to work, so I have less time to work but GREAT time with him, LOL Hope that can help you to create more even do ours days only have 24 hours!

Now for the Stamping stuff!! I did this two cards for a Technique team I am, the technique was Matchbook Cards and this were my two samples! Hope you like them! I did them in about 5 minutes each one, only using stuff from the table!!


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I owe you!!!

I know, I know, I was supossed to add the instructions for the inside of the Coaster mini album. But since this is one of the projects that is going to be feautured on my "All about gifts kit" I am going to share with you the steps, but not the complete tutorial or hints *wink, wink*

What you need:

12 squeare coasters (4" X 4")
Wide ribbon (about 20-24")
Paper collection with tags (I used three DC and 3 carstocks and some pieces)
Stamps and ink
Scallop scissors

First: follow Nichole's challenge insturctions for the cover

Second: cut 9 pieces of 4" X 8" cardstock and score them at 4"

Third: Glue the coasters to the cardstocks as this: fold 1st piece of paper at 4" then attach one coaster to each side, then attach other piece of paper to the coaster and so on, like doing a sandwich.

Fourth: When you have glue all the coaster to the DC pieces you can start working on your album (Maybe you prefer to do so before glue it, is optional) Remember to round the corners!! I did that with a scissor.

Fifth: When you are done with your album (I did it simple!! just some tags that comes with the collection, some square boxes for journaling, I stamped the lines from the Punctuation set, a lil bit of ribbon, a flower, stamps and more stamps!!) you can glue it to the cover. To do so, you have to put your album inside of the cover and look where is going to be better to place it (You can try to open it while you hold it together) it can not be at the cornes you have to do it aprox. 1/8 from the sides.

Sixth: Embelish your cover and you are DONE!!

If you need some clarifications, please send me an e-mail with your request.


PS This is not the collection that comes with the kit, the collection is Merry Wishes! so the pictures here are slightly different from the one on the kit.

I have FUN today!!

Today was a great day, even do I am still missing DH!! I worked with the girls in school have Spaguetties for lunch (they Love it!) then my DF Rosalyn called me and we met at Starbucks - YUM-O!! (Just to say hello and trade something!! of course that we have some coffee, shhhh it was my first time with a VENTI!)

Then we arrived to the house and my oldest daughter was thinking on a day that we were working on something and we need her to take care of the lil one, DH asked her to teach something to her as a teacher!! She was the BEST teacher on earth!! (She was 3 yo and she "reads" a Bible story and talk to her about God, animals and plants! and of course that I took my camera and have some pictures for a Layout! They were so happy!! and today she was thinking about that and I took my Scrapbook to show the lil one the LO (she was 7 months or something like that!).

They asked me to bring all the albums and have some time to share them. It was so much FUN!! and that is what SB is all about! What a great time reading the journaling and enjoying the LO's but the funniest thing was that my oldes daughter told me, when she start with my first album (2000): "Mom this album is not that amazing!! like the ones that you do now" and I started laughing and she said: "What? you have to understand that those were your first pages" I have to tell you that I enjoy a lot with them tonight! And that I love SB now more than yesterday!
Here some questions for you!

How many times you look at your scrapbooks with your kids or family?
Lets start on the basic: Do you share your works with them?
Do they enjoy it?

Hope you can find sometime to share your albums and to have FUN time with your family! I can tell you that their happy faces worth all the money that we spend on this and also the time!


I was trying to ...

I was freaking tired last night!! I just went to bed with the girls and I fell asleep!! When I realize that I was sleeping!! and I have not done the dishes or anything in the kitchen, I woke up and ran downstairs. I did the dishes and clean the kitchen and then I have to stop by my workshop!! because I need to clear the working table. So I did this card while I was doing it!! Do you understand me? Then when I finished I realize that the table was disorganized again!!! It's a mess!! I do not understand why? because the main reason to come to the workshop was to clear the table!! CAN YOU BELIEVE ME? LOL, I know you can!

I did this card with the scraps from Amelia kit used for the Coaster mini album! I used Angelosity Sketch challenge for this!

I used: Amelia scraps, stamps set and gold embossing powder.

Hope you like it!


Monday, November 05, 2007

Coaster mini album challenge...

Here is my mini album inspired by Nichole's challenge! I did some modifications because I just fall in love when I see that cover!! IS AMAZING!!! and pretty easy to do if you follow Nichole's instructions!

I am going to post the steps by steps instructions later, when I upload the inside pages. In the pictures you can see the cover, partial inside view and top view so you can apreciate what I have done. Hope you like it as much as I do!! Pictures on this album are from last week of 2006 and first week of 2007.

This is one of the projects that you can do with the All about gifts kit!!

Products used:

Amelia collection - TAC
Amelia cardstocks - TAC
F is for family - Level A set, it can be yours for FREE!! - TAC
Coasters and Ribbon


Sunday, November 04, 2007

All about gifts Special Kit!!

HEllo dear FRIENDS!! How are you doing??

I just want to post my "All about gifts kit".
**Picture does not show all content, read above for complete list**

You would not want to miss this! With this kit you are going to complete 5 projects that you can keep or give away! 3 mini albums, a tin with mini cards and clear envelopes and a Chipboard frame (you can choose: single 8 X 8 or double 6 X 6) you can do a calendar with this!! Also, you are going to receive access to the photos and/or video clips with projects steps by steps. Offer available only during November.

The kit includes:

Oh my golly (Merry Wishes papers and Stamp set)
12 coasters (4 X 4)
Candy tin with mini album
Coffee Break Chipboard Book
Metal Tin
15 mini cards and clear envelopes (3 X 3)
Chipboard Frame (of your choice, plus a Special Gift)

All this for only $55
Payment information: I accept Paypal and Credit Cards.

Want more? Be one of the first 10 to order and receive both frames and an extra project!! Contact me with your order and payment information, use FIRST10 code when e-mail me your order.

Contact me if you are out of Puerto Rico for shipping charges! or if you are in USA with your zipcode, this could be ship directly to you!

***Want a ½ price article? this can be an extra gift FOR YOU, ask ME***


Friday, November 02, 2007

I did a card!! can we celebrate?

I am not feeling well and my dear lil daughter is sick!! so I do not have so much time to work in my projects! but I am happy now that I can share a card with you!! LOL, I was missing my MOJO!! so now that is back, I just want to share this simply card, it was inspired by the Caardvarks Challenge, TO die for!

Hope you like it!!

Products used:
Brown and White Cardstock (TAC)
Stem Chipboard cut from Sizzix!
Simmply Divne set (TAC, designed by Mabelle Ramírez)
Turquoise GEm Versamagic Ink
Ribbon (Michaells).


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Just a note!!

Wow, today was a hard day!! so much school/house stuff to do, plus my lil daughter is sick!! so I have not much time to write or do anything else!!

Here are two RAK cards I received from two awesome ladies!! (ANgels) that are very creative! First is from MaryM and second from Rita Holmes!! Thank you ladies you made my day!!


November Specials!!

Is already NOVEMBER!! can you beleive it?? Wow this year is close to the END!! But, here is the Kit for November!! Hope you like it as much as I do! I can not wait to get my hands on that awesome stamp set!! I need to do some projects just in time for Christmas and this is just perfect!!

Remember that TAC extended the Celebration promo, so you can get DOUBLE benefits until November 30!! and NEW angels get $50 in extra T-code stamps!! So if you miss this great promo during October you have another chance!!!


PS Soon I am going to tell you the details of my All about gifts Kit!! available during November!