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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little bad news!

I hate to tell bad news but I need to do it this time, but is not that bad. Yesterday there was some power problems and my comuter don't want to turn on!! is in a safe power mode and that is! I tried some different things, but NADA, so tomorrow we are going to try to deal with it and have a solution or buy another one (is an old computer, about 7-8 y/o). I am posting from DH's computer but in this one I haven't install some programs and I can't also check my favorites sites, and can't be here for long time, lol!
I did finish my Memory Crafter Club's kits! So if you are suscribe watch for them soon!

Here again another Hello Sunshine card!! I love, love this set! don't you? Don't forget to gets your now! the promotions is almost ending!!

If you don't read from me soon, remember I am having computer problems!!


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Patti J. said...

Very cute card Diana! I hope that you get your computer problems taken care of quickly! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Cute card. Hope that computer gets fixed quickly! rita w