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Saturday, May 02, 2009

NSD - No time to Scrap?

Today we Celebrate the NSD! "National Scrapbooking Day" and one of the things I heard a lot is that "I have no time to Scrap" and when I talked about Stamping to the Scrapbookers is that they don't want to incorporate Stamping into Scrapbooking most of the time because they "are scare". So today I challenge myself to get some time for me and work with some AMAZING pictures I have in a box! Yes, that's me!! lol! I don't have a lot of pictures of me (unless from Seminar, lol) so I picked a bunch of this cute pictures and I sure have fun!

Today, in honor of the NSD! I challenge myself to NOT work with cards today! I don't know if you know, but I start this journey as a Scrapbookers, when I discovered STAMPING! I start making cards and altered stuff! but now I am RE-discovering my passion for using stamps in my scrapbooks again!

I started with something simple for those Stampers that are not yet into scrapbooking and here is the result. A simple page with just a word in stamps. I use Mimi paper collection because I LOVE IT! and because you know something? I love that picture, lol! I was a little cute baby (sadly I can't say that anymore, lol).

Then I decide to keep my pattern paper and add a little bit of stamping what you think? Yes, that's me again (I started looking not so good! lol) with my dear grandma that is with God! I sure miss her! (she died when I was 19) I used to be with her most of the time and it was really sad for me! Anyway not sad stuff today! For this layout I just mount some pattern paper, yep! Catelynne with brown cardstock and I did some piercing in the green cardstock! to add a little bit of stamping I stamped some swirls from the Swirlies set! just as a touch of sweetness!

Since I was thinking about my grandma I picked this picture of her! it match so good with Penelope paper collection that I went to get some scrap pieces! I didn't want to just use the Pattern Paper I want to do some background effect to the Kraft cardstock! I grab my Script Background stamp and stamp it all over the Kraft cardstock! then I just mount the pieces together and finish the layout with a tag from the collection and FLOWERS! you can't go wrong with some flowers, right?

Finally! yes, I am soooo tired! (I did all this stuff while I cooked, did some loads of laundry, answer e-mail and checked the forums and groups, and everything in between! and I spent all morning playing with the girls! and in the afternoon we start learning Latin!) I am using ONLY cardstock to do this layout! I love how using cardstock only, you get the simplicity this old pictures needs! This is me with my cousin Mariela! I just added the Running Stitches stamp (since I don't have a sewing machine yet)and a Scalloped border using my scallop scissors.

Hope you enjoy this ideas! and get to do some scrapbooking, remember Scrapbooking is not about Fancy/Gorgeous pages! is about preserving the treasures of your heart, is about get them in a safe place and out of those boxes! Don't be afraid to get them done in a simply way, don't get scare to incorporate stamps on your layouts! is simple, is cool!! (start stamping in scrap papers! and then try to do some basic stamping!). Have fun and get those pictures out of the box!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful LO's! What a great choice you made for NSD!!! I had a great day creating LO's and projects as well.

Have a great rest of the weekend and can't wait to see some more of your creations!


Barb said...

These are all wonderful layouts, Diana!! I love that you've scrapped 'older' pictures with the fun, upbeat papers. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pages! rita w said...

I am loving all your wonderful pages and layouts!

Cynthia said...

Your pages are beautiful. I love to scrapbook too and have found ways to incorporate stamping into scrapbooking.

Stopped by to say hi and to let you know I am back from isolation!