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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are you a business stamper?

Or want to be one (contact me for more information)? If your answer is yes (don't have to be with TAC, any other company out there as well) you should consider to get in John Sanpietro's Stampers Business Groups. If you want to get your business to another level, I highly recommends you to get in the group! Here I am sharing some tidbits JS share with us about the group features, but there is a lot more stuff that is going to help you out with your business!

“I'm happy to announce the following additions to the benefits offered to Members of the Business Stampers Coaching Group:

- NEWSLETTER EVALUATION VIDEOS - each month, we'll look at a Members' newsletter and evaluate it for content, design and revenue-generating effectiveness
- FACEBOOK EVALUATION VIDEOS - each month, we'll look at a Members' Facebook business page and evaluate it for effectiveness in terms of generating both interest and profit for your stamping business
- TWITTER EVALUATION VIDEOS - each month, we'll look at a Members' Twitter page and evaluate the content of their Tweets, offering suggestions to make them a more effective business-building tool
- 12-MONTH BUSINESS SUCCESS PROGRAM - starting in June, this 12-month program will take a formulaic approach to helping you get from Point A to Point B, whatever that may be for you, in a specific period of time.

Of course, this is in addition to the benefits already in place:

- Monday Morning Motivational Audio Message
- Tuesday Coaching Challenge
- Wednesday Business-Building Training Video
- Thursday Blog Evaluation Video
- Friday Weekend Coaching Challenge
- Monthly Members-Only Conference Call
- BSCG Message Board
- Members-only discounts on SIMB products and services

All for $19.95/month! 67 cents/day!

If you're a stamping business owner interested in building your business, I challenge you to find a better value or return on investment than the Business Stampers Coaching Group!

Plus, there's even a 7-day FREE trial you can take before you decide to make the 67 cents/day commitment.”

To start your free trial, click this link NOW!

I can tell you that you are going to find this so helpful for your business that is a great investment for you to do today!


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AxeS DeSignS said...

Are you going to have spanish stamps? I'm very interested in start my business but in spanish.