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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Real ANGELS among us?

Yes, I am truly blessed to have my team of ANGELS! I am talking about my downline group! Today one of my downlines have a make and take to do at a local event and she had some problems that couldn't make it! As soon as she share it with us I got another of my girl (that was going to the event as well) and told me that she will love to help but since she is a new angel (a baby angel as she said, lol, she joined us in April) she does not have much products to do 40 make and takes!! (YES, 40 kits). I called one of the other girls that was going (3 of my girls were going together) and through the phone I designed the project with the products that she have for 40 kits! (she is a hobby demo, so she didn't have that much either considering that we need to have 40 kits). So with what she had I create this quick and easy Gift Card Holder, took the picture, write the step by step instruction sent it to one of them and they did the make and take today!! I am the happiest Mama Angel in the world, can you tell?

I feel SOOO proud of my girls, that I have to share with you!! They are really ANGELS! Today I talked with the girl that couldn't make it and she was really touch by the generosity of her sisters! We are a family and I am really happy to have them in my team but more than that in my life!

I just need to share our story!


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Seleise said...

that's awesome and is a super cute project!