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Friday, November 30, 2007

8 days!! and a tip for scalloped cards

Wow, tomorrow is DECEMBER!! what a great time!! I love December don't you?

Well the hint for today is CRICLEs!!It can have circles but if is in a circle shape!! you get double tickets!!

EL tip de hoy es CIRCULOs!! Puede ser algo que tenga circulos, pero si es en forma de circulo tienes DOBLES tickets!!

Here is a tip if you want to make a scallop-circle card like this one! I cut the card with the CM system, then I use my scallop circle to cut all the way around but I cut a scallop at a time, yes is not that much fun, but it works perfect and the card looks great!

Hope this help and you can enjoy as much as I do, doing scallop-circle cards!

Have fun and share with me!!



Rosalyn López said...

Ya mi círculo está ready!!
kriños, Rosalyn

Jannette said...

Me encanto tu tarjeta de scallop! Espero te sientas mucho mejor hoy! Jannette

"Jany" said...

Well, there are things I still need to learn how to work out so I want to learn circle stuff but here is my card (second one) created thinking in this challenge.