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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I have FUN today!!

Today was a great day, even do I am still missing DH!! I worked with the girls in school have Spaguetties for lunch (they Love it!) then my DF Rosalyn called me and we met at Starbucks - YUM-O!! (Just to say hello and trade something!! of course that we have some coffee, shhhh it was my first time with a VENTI!)

Then we arrived to the house and my oldest daughter was thinking on a day that we were working on something and we need her to take care of the lil one, DH asked her to teach something to her as a teacher!! She was the BEST teacher on earth!! (She was 3 yo and she "reads" a Bible story and talk to her about God, animals and plants! and of course that I took my camera and have some pictures for a Layout! They were so happy!! and today she was thinking about that and I took my Scrapbook to show the lil one the LO (she was 7 months or something like that!).

They asked me to bring all the albums and have some time to share them. It was so much FUN!! and that is what SB is all about! What a great time reading the journaling and enjoying the LO's but the funniest thing was that my oldes daughter told me, when she start with my first album (2000): "Mom this album is not that amazing!! like the ones that you do now" and I started laughing and she said: "What? you have to understand that those were your first pages" I have to tell you that I enjoy a lot with them tonight! And that I love SB now more than yesterday!
Here some questions for you!

How many times you look at your scrapbooks with your kids or family?
Lets start on the basic: Do you share your works with them?
Do they enjoy it?

Hope you can find sometime to share your albums and to have FUN time with your family! I can tell you that their happy faces worth all the money that we spend on this and also the time!



Dianette "Jany" said...

How many times you look at your scrapbooks with your kids or family?

At least once a year. Lately it has been quite frequently.

Lets start on the basic: Do you share your works with them?

Yes, I do.

Do they enjoy it?

Quite a lot. They love to see what I do with the pictures.


wowowwow qué bellas tus hijas!!! tienen cara de traviesas!!! hehehe a mi bb también le encanta el spaghetti!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow a great photo of the girls! They are just as beautiful as you are!

Rosalyn López said...

Siiiiiiii las pasmos super!! Que se repita... pronto!!!

Kriños, Rosalyn

PS. Vivian de envia las gracias, le encantó el mini álbum!!

Rosalyn López said...

parece que tenia las manos enredadas en el mensaje anterior!!LOL jajajjajja