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Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a weekend!!

Ohhhhhhhhh, I am sooo happy!! This was a perfect weekend!

I have to tell you that my parents came on Friday and we have lunch together, they are awesome!! My dd's can not be happier! when they are here, sometimes I have to tell them just to slow down cause they just want to play, play and play and my mother wants to spend time with me also, but they wants her all for them!!

Then on Saturday I have part of my TAC downlines with me doing a georgeus lil project, we have good time together!! I hope to have all here for next meeting, but I know that is almost imposible!! I have to share with you the project, but I have to ask permission to post their photos!

Then, I have to run to the airport, yesssssss my DH is HERE!! he is such a blessing in my life!! I was soooo happy that he arrived!! and the girls ohhh my, they missed him!!

Today, we have some GREAT family time together and watch the movie "Facing the giants", if you have not have the chance to watch it, please do so asap!! is a great movie you are not going to regret that you do it! Is an awesome movie with an awesome theme and it can change your life!! Hope you can do it soon!

And adding to all of that, I have such a great time conecting with some old-friends!! that is priceless!

I almost forgot, the card here is for my brother's birthday! and I used CPS #39


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Tami said...

great job! Love the star. Thanks for joining us at CPS :)