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Thursday, November 29, 2007

9 days!! Where does the time go?

Wow, it was just a few days ago I started the 24 days until my BIRTHDAY!! and is just 9 days to go!! can you beleive it? I can not!!! Wow, I have to work on some stuff for the 10 and I have no time!!

Two years ago I started celebrating my Birthday with my Scapbookin' Friends!! but this year I am with my cast!! what can I do? Do you have an idea? I am going to miss this special day full of laugh and scrapbooking projects!! At least I am going to see some of you two days later! but if I can get something going on I am going to do it, but have no clue!! so let me THINK!! lol

Today's hint is.... LOVE! have you started with your Love ideas? Well I started already thinking on what I am going to do so, this is my hint for today!!

El tip de hoy es AMOR! ya empezaste con las ideas de AMOR? Bueno, en mi caso!! siiiii ya estoy anotando algunas ideas de lo que quiero hacer y voy a hacer, así que lo aprovecho como tip para hoy!! a solo 9 días de mi cumpleaños!

Have fun and share with me!



Scr@p and More said...

jqajajaj ya hice uno pasa pormi blog que podia hacer lo que quisiera verdad !!! te puse en mi blog jejeje con el mensaje de hoy PR temblo y yo asusta!!! jejeje deja ver si me dan break y hago todo este fin de semana, mejorate pronto amiguita

Rosalyn López said...

Amor, amor, amor!!! Ready!

Kriños, Rosalyn

"Jany" said...

Thought of giving it to my deary but didn't. He trully wanted it. lol. I did another one this weekend and he loved it more. Still felt sorry he didn't got this one.