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Friday, November 09, 2007

Can you imagine...

Tonight (well it was around 1 am) I was thinking that I should go to sleep, but I have not post anything for you (the ones that e-mail me and call me that you check the blog every morning!!!) And I said, you can NOT go to bed if you do not have a message in your blog!! LOL, maybe you are laughing, but it was real!!

So I decided to post a preview on something I have being working lately but have not finished yet!! (I just need to do some minor details!) This is an album that I won at TAC Seminar!! and the papers are designed by Mabelle Ramírez, and I won those too. So I get some awesome pictures that match perfect with that collection and I know that you are going to like! So last week I was talking with Rosalyn, my BFF, and told her, you know what I have to work with the album that I won at Seminar, is going to be 5 months and I was sooo crazy about it that I can not believe I have not work in it yet!! So I decided to take the album with the papers and photo and start working! (If you know me you know that I am kind of bipolar, so I work about 3-5 projects at the same time!) Since I am working with my Christmas projects, plus some tutorials I do not want to show the album until I finished, but I feel forced to do it, *wink wink*

Have a great day! Today my parents are coming so I am not going to be here until night! hope you do not miss me! I know that I am going to miss you!


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Dianette "Jany" said...

It is funny that I'm one of your fans. I follow your blog periodically and look for your new projects and ideas.

Thanks for the suggestion of last night. It would be great that you do a tutorial with those materials. I'll be using them this weekend and will try to do something like what you do. If I do the little purse I'll let you know.