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Saturday, November 17, 2007

21 days!! and Birthday celebration!!

My baby is 5!! can you beleive it? I can not!! she is sooooooo big!! now I do not have any babies here!! Is such a great blessing to have kids on the house! I can not imagine my life without them! but they grew up soooo fast! So today my hint is just that BIRTHDAY celebration! you can create anything Birhtday related!! or you can decide to use Kittys, she loves kittys sooo much, I will show you later my creation and a picture with her presents!! of course kittys!!

Mi tip para hoy Celebración de cumpleaños, puede ser cualquier cosa relacionado a cumpleaños o puedes usar gatitos, mi chica ama tanto a los gatitos!!!

Have fun and share with me! I will post tomorrow, cause my family is here!


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