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Saturday, December 01, 2007

7 days so far!!

Yes, only a week!!! Today was raining here, so I have a lil bit of pain. I worked a lil bit but not pictures!!

Today's hint!! BLACK and WHITE!! yes!! is a great color combo!!

El tip de hoy es Blanco y Negro!! sii, me encanta este combo de colores!

Have fun and share!

More info for the Candy!



Rosalyn López said...

Ummm tengo que pensar!!!!!!!

Rosalyn López said...

Lista!! Espero que les guste!!

Kriños, Rosalyn

"Jany" said...

My boyfriend really liked this one. It is a shame the square shiny things are not visible in this one. There are 5 of them on the ribbon and makes it really look great!