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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11 days!! I have another challenge for you!!!

Yes!! I have another challenge for you! LOL!

Today's hint is!!! RIBBONS!! yeahhhhhhh, Ribbons!! I love ribbons so lets get some fun with them!!

EL tip de hoy es CINTAS!!! siiii Cintas!! a mi me encantan!! asi que a trabajar!

Have fun and share!


PS Mine is going to be here tomorrow! cause I do not have batteries on my camera!! arghhhhhhhhhh I forgot to charge it!

****This post was edit to add the image, it is an altered binder clip****


KreativeMix said...


Rosalyn López said...

OK, Diana, I'm really try to do all the challenges. I just need to finish the Punch and the letters challenges to post all them in my blog, So tomorow I hope to have there all of them. Rigth now I just have a few of them (the firts ones)! If you want to see it go to:

I love challenges keep me working!

Thanks Diana!!!

"Jany" said...

Here is one to fit this category. I think this one is really special and I needed to share it with the world, even when I already gave it away. (That special it was)

I need to thank you for finding me in facebook and sharing TAC products with me since I wouldn't even try making cards if not because of your shop.