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Friday, November 16, 2007

22 days... and counting!

Today I am using and old set because I could not create anything new, this picture is from a past Stamp Camp Project! But tomorrow is my DD's 5 year birthday and today I tried to be with them, but it was very painful!! You can not imagine how I feel when I get to the car!! It was PAINFUL!! So now I am here trying to recover but can not design anything right now!

I used:

Artsy Elements stamp set - TAC
Fanciful Flowers stamp set - TAC

If you need the measurements for the box, let me know! The cards are 3 X 3.

So for today: Give THANKS!! this is the hint for the challenge!

What can I said! with all this happening in my life I just can say THANKS to God that have being with me for so long! thanks for taking care of me and my family, for be there when I need Him!

I just want to say thanks to all of you my friends and my readers, I love to come here and read your comments and see from where you get here!

Post your project on your blog or send it to my e-mail! I have a pictures for First Day Challenge: PINK!! Keep them coming!! I have some GREAT stuff for the CANDY, I hope to take a picture tomorrow and post it here.

Have a great weekend!



"Jany" said...

Siendo que mi tobillo izq tiene 3 fracturas de ligamento (una vez pasa la primera, las proximas son super faciles que ocurran) te comprendo y te digo que el dolor puede durar toda la vida... pero te puedes llegar a acostumbrar y vivir con ello. Lo digo por los dias lluviosos, etc.

Hoy tengo planificado experimentar con tarjetas, espero y me salgan bonitas para enviarte mis creaciones.

Scr@p and More said...

hey chiquilla que te mejores pronto y creo que si pones los dos idiomas es mucho mejor !!poara el beneficio delas que no saben ingles o lo saben matao como yo jejejejejej!
estan preciosas las tarjetas

"Jany" said...

Aqui esta mi creacion para Pink.