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Monday, December 10, 2007

DH's birtdhday and TAC cruise was in Puerto Rico!

Well today was a great day! Fist my DH's B-DAY!! we (my oldest daughter and me)make breakfast, yes!! he is doing breakfast since I hurt my foot!! so today was a SPECIAL day!! LOL.

I do the classes with my dd's and then have lunch and went to Old San Juan, when TAC Cruise did the first stop!! YESSSS!! Here in Puerto Rico! well I was there with my CAST!! and I am really greatfull to my DL Yarimar that she was there and was the Tour Guide to Jackie (my upline) and her family! Then I met them againg at El Jibarito where we have dinner together and chat a lot!! It was raining here, so I hope that they can come in another time to be with us a week!! and visit the Island!!

I have to say special thanks to Rosalie and Rosalyn (two of my downlines) that help me with all this, taking care of some details cause I can not do a lot of things because my situation!

This is the card I did for my DH, yes since I was doing the breakfast!! LOL.

Have FUN and do not forget to post your creations!


PS Tomorrow I am going to share some pictures from Jackie's visit to Puerto Rico!


Ying Pang, said...

I have blog candy on my blog just specially for SBS4, check it out!:-))

Anonymous said...

It must have been so fun to have Jackie and family to stop by and say "hi". That had to be a spsecial and memorable day. Love your creations - you're very talented. Will you be at Escape in San Antonio. A fellow TAC demonstrator and SCS Blogging Sister. rita

Donelda said...

wow, your birthday and then your husband's ... what a busy time of year for you guys!!

"Jany" said...

I'm so glad you were able to do it! I thought it would be on Sunday, didn't thought it would be on Monday. Congrats for all your achievements and that even with your leg hurt you were able to do what you wanted, share with your upline.

Take care!

~KRISTY~ said...


Hello Diana..I hope your leg is feeling better. I also hope the weather down that way leaves you and your family safe!