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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

3 days! just that SIMPLE!

Today was a hard day for me. I was having better days with my foot, but today it was not like that! But the shows must go on! So I worked with another tutorial because I hit the 8,000! I do not know what happened but I am having some technical problems so hang in there!

I am sooo excited because I can remember that just by the end of October I was celebrating my 5,000 hits and just less than 5 weeks I have 8,000!! THANKS!! to all of you that visit my blog every day! (I have to tell you that sometimes I came here to post just for you! LOL)

So I have some stuff to share but have to be tomorrow!! Yikes!! but in the mean time you can work with today's hint!!

Create something SIMPLE! yesss something really simple, basic stamping or something like that! just for the fun of doing something really quick!

Crea algo SIMPLE! siiii algo realmente simple, puede ser stamping básico o algo parecido, solo por la diversión de crear algo realmente rápido!

Have FUN and share!


1 comment:

"Jany" said...

The first one for this link is the one that is simple. I did it faster than the other one. The other is for another of your challenges.

For this one I used a piece of paper left from my first mini album (remember it?), stamped a line and put some stickers to change its appearance.

That's just it!