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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1 minute!! Lovely card and the CANDY!!

Holly Molly!! I just have to said I AM SOOORRY!!! I can not do the Candy today!! I have to explain, yesterday was announced a SubTropical Storm to be here in Puerto Rico, but as you know TAC cruise was here yesterday!! So I was in Old San Juan and as soon as I get here I did my post! but when I went upstair!! Is start raining real bad! and my terrace was in water!!! YES!! We have to spent a lot of time trying to control the situation and when I get here in my workshop the water was here!!! YESSS I lost an album, some mini albums and ALL my cards from last two weeks!!! At least I have the pictures so I can work on that later! My workshop is a real MESS!! now, but I have to THANKS God that protect us! I lost my coaster mini album!! The one that I show you!! My versioon of Nicole's Challenge on SCS!! Some photos! and papers, papers, papers!!

Well I am trying to put everything in order again! and tomorrow is my appointment so I hope he remove my cast!!

I want to share a 1 minute card with you! YES!! I NEED to work!! LOL, I need this relaxing time after the storm! the real storm called OLGA!

I used:

White cardstock
Love Doodle Stamp set
Soft Spoken Stamp set
L'amore Red ink- Palette
Belle Rose Ink- Palette
Burnt Umber ink- Palette
Scallop scissors

Hope you like it!

1. Take your white cardstock cut it at 5½ X 4¼ and score it at the center
2. Stamp the word LOVE with Burnt Umber, clean stamp.
3. Stamp the word LOVE with Belle Rose, clean stamp.
4. Stamp the word LOVE with L'Amore Red.
5. Stamp word YOU with Burnt Umber.
6. Using your scallops scissors cut a lil bit of the right side paper.
7. Distress the scallops with L'amore ink.
8. Add the ribbon!


About the Candy!! I need to organize my workshop and have some stuff done on the house, plus the appointment tomorrow, so I am going to ask for a few days! SORRY!! for this! But I need this time right now!


1 comment: said...

Nice simple card, came in from sbs4 group and as a fellow angel. Congrats on getting your cast off. I also hear that my upline may be rooming with you at Winter Retreat, wish I could go and meet you. Maybe next year.