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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thanks for 2008!

WOW! today is the last day of this marvelous year!! I'm enjoying the time with my family! but couldn't resist to talk to you today!! 2008 was filled with blessings:

Within the family we have such a good year! full of good times specially together! we laugh, we cry, we cook together, we had a great time at homeschool, we went to the moovies, we eat SUGAR!!, the girls watch me studying and doing my best with my class at University! they missed me, I missed them, DH is retired effective TODAY! and we LOVE us each other each day more than previous day! We have GOD in our lives and that is the best of all!!

Within TAC! another year that I went to Seminar and I won a tiara!! lol, I need to tell you it was a blast! being an Angel is more than FUN!! You get to meet with the most truly sweet ladies, we had a great time in Wichita! I was published on the catalog, I was feautured 2 times on one of the Company's blog and I'm a DT on the Paper Wings forum wich is a place for Angels Only! I can tell you it was soooooooooo great that I can't wait to see what 2009 brings specially with the catalog going again 1 time per year and with the NEW magalog concept (an hybrid between magazine and catalog), and images to 100% again, wohoooooooooo!!

Within the blog world, almost 30,000 hits, THANK YOU!!, 5 followers!! (it's just a start, right? do you want to join them? lol!) and all your comments that are priceless to me! thank you with all my heart!, thank you also for your awards!! it mean the world for me!

This project I share here was my project on the Wingers for PW during the September month I guess! anyway is a chipboard wall hanging with one of the BEST pictures from Seminar 2008! lol! can you tell why? It was a very nice moment at the end of the Saturday night, we were trying to came out with how we want to be on the picture and when we decided the way we want it and we look to the camera! OHHHHHHH THERE WAS about 30 cameras!! it was like common nobody told us that you were a start!! (we said to each other!) it was crazy! but a GREAT MOMENT! Hope you enjoy it!

Wishing you a great nigh and an AMAZING 2009!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Just a lil note to wish you a Very Merry Christmas day. I pray for a day filled with God's blessings today and always! Thanks for visiting me, thanks for your support and for all the comments you leave here for me! Every time I check a comment is like Christmas for me, is just and excitement and a joy that you take your time to leave a comment for me! that is my fuel to keep this blog up to date.

I'm going to take a time to enjoy with my family without distractions, lol! (yes, since I love so much your comments I need to work to post here!!) Take this time to enjoy the great things you have! to thanks God for all the blessings He give us every day! and HAVE FUN!!! I'm going to share soon a couple of projects I did for Christmas!! ohhhhhhhhhh I'm tired and I also need a break from creative process!! lol, can that be possible? I will let you know!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Is Christmas EVE!!!

Just one day!! isn't exciting? This is a mini album I did today! DH asked me to do for my MIL! yes he asked me to do it TODAY! lol! so this is just the cover cause I'm tired and don't have time to take pictures of everything, cause I need to package my dd's gifts!! yes TODAY!! Is a quick and simple mini album using maya road chipboard album (is the 6 X 6 that we carry on our catalog!)

Wishing you a great time with your loves ones!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 days 'til Christmas!

Hello All!! I finally sent all my christmas cards today!! Now working with gifts for christmas! This is one I did for my sister, is a coaster calendar/frame. She is a counselor and I think she can use it on her desk! There she can display a photo too, so she can have two gifts in one!

I sued Catelyne paper collection (remember that this awesome collection is on sale right now, buy one get one FREE! valid 'til Dec. 31), I also used the Early Bird and Soul kisses special sets! (you can get this at a special price with your $30 purchase!)

Hope you have a great night! at just 2 days for Christmas!


Monday, December 22, 2008

3 days 'til Christmas!

Isn't exciting just 3 days to celebrate Jesus!! This is going to be a short post because I need to finish a couple of things before Christmas, yeah I'm late, how you guess? Well, I want to share 2 other designs I did for my friends this Christmas hope they like them!!

I used the Vintage Holiday paper (again, I love it), Silhouette Nativity, Joy of Christmas and Spanish Sentiment stamps sets, scallop and circle punch and yess!!! I got my hands in a Martha Stewart's punch!! wohooooo!! (is kind of hard punching with this! do you have that same issue?, please let me know!)and the felt flower cut with my sizzix!!

Lots of LOVE,

Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 days 'til CHRISTMAS!!

Is almost here!! the day we celebrate Jesus came to SAVE us!! what a blessing is that we can celebrate Him and we can share the good news with others. Take your time to think about Him, about what He have done in your life and share that with others.

I have a great day today! I teach Bible School to my daughters and we talk about Faith! it was such a blessing to share with them about it (it was Peter's story when he walked on water) and then at Church the Pastor preach about the Annunciation when the Angel talked to Maria, what a Great Woman!! I always cry when I read this story, is just amazing, she was a woman, but she received God's favor because she was special. Her character was humble, she was obedient and she LOVES God with all her heart! We need to learn so much from her! I hope you feel the joy of the Christmas on your heart and may God be with you this Christmas day and always!

About the card! This was the other card I did yesterday! the one that I did 8 cards (some are in Spanish and some have two lil trees instead of the one big tree!) I enjoy a lot doing this! it was really quick! because I had the trees pre-cut!

Have a great evening!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

5 days 'til Christmas

Finally we put the tree!!! wohoooooooo!! just on time, right? lol! Today I also sent my cards, another wohoooooooooo for me!! I have to do more cards! because I start doing my cards one by one specially designed for everyone on my list! but I couldn't make it!! so sorry!! today I did 16 mass production cards!! I was sooooooooo happy!! I just need to get some dear friend addresses and they are ready to go too!!

Here is one of the models I worked on today, I did 8 of this and 8 of another model I will show you tomorrow! all 16 in less than an hour! but I had the scallpos already cut out!! but assembly is the worst part for me!! so keep that in mind I was really fast, lol!

Hope you had a great Saturday! enjoy your night!


Friday, December 19, 2008

6 days 'til Christmas a LONG day!

OUCH!!! Today was a really LONG day! We went out today with the idea of pay the cell phone bill (the one with the company we used to be for more than 7 years! and that we didn't have any contract now! for my surprise when I tried to pay on the authomatic machine it said that my balance was more than $700 so I called customer service and they said that my contract was until 2009! wich I'm sure isn't so I wait for 2 hours to be attended for a cs representative! she reminds of us (long story) so she just added a note in the system (because our account was cancelled, we switch company) so she couldn't do more than that, then she put me on the phone with the Financial dept! and the adjust me the account (well I need to wait 2 biz day to be sure of this) wow more than 3 hours there!! so our shopping trip was reduced now he left almost 4 hours later because we need to have lunch! we headed to another town wich is about an hour to go shopping (some outlets stores) we finished the shopping time around 6:30 and we came back home!

I cooked something quick and started working here on my workshop I cut about 6 of this project but I'm so tired!! that I just put together this 3!! Hope you like it, there are post-it note holders!! I did them with the scor-pal.

How to?

With a 7½ x 3½ cardstock, score at 3½ and 4. Then embelished as desire! Easy peasy!! right?

I need to run, I'm sooooooooo TIRED, the problem with the cell phone company just took a lot of my energy, the lady at customer service through the phone was soooooo NASTY!! that I was sooo UPSET!! lol, now I just can laugh about it!! Have a great weekend!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 days!! just a week 'til Christmas

Are you excited? are you anxious? are you done already with all the things you want to do? OHHHHHHHHHHHH I can tell you that I'm excited!! My girls are just soooo happy! that I'm happy for them!! anxious? of course because I haven't finish yet!! I have my cards (most of them) done!! here on my table!! Today I plan to address the envelope to send them inmediately!

WOHOOOOOOOO for me!! I did the ornaments!! yesssssssss TODAY!!! can you beleive it? Tomorrow is going to be Tree day here! and this are some clear gift tags I had on my table and I just embelished them a lil bit! hope you like it, I had fun with them! Is not a great picture but I need to run right now!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

8 days!! 'til CHRISTMAS and a Scrapbok Page!

Today was a nice day! First, my parents come early and they spent the morning with us! (specially my mom cause my dad was working outside the house) Second, I oficially FINISHED homeschool this semester!! wohoooooo!! and third we went to Sprint to change our cell phones and I got a FUSCHIA Palm!! I love it! (I still need to get my phone number in the new cell phone because I switch company, so I need some stuff done before use it, but I'm sooo excited!!)

About the LO here! I just need to do a quick and easy layout cause I haven't done scrapbooking in a while, so I need to warm up because I want to do some scrapbook as Christmas presents!!

Have a great night! Any Criminal Mind's fan here?? I love it!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 days 'til Christmas more last minute gifts ideas

Today I do about 5 loads of laundry! finished a couple of other cleaning stuff here in the house! I met with a scrapper of my area!! she is very sweet and talented! it was very nice to get to know with scrappers right? (We met at the Postal Office parking because she ordered some TAC products, and we chat a lil bit there because she brings some project she did recently! and I can tell you everything was sooo cute!!)

And as soon as I start working on my table I found this lil jars filled with candies (I filled them a week ago that I found those M&M in christmas colors and I just took a package to do this) butt I haven't do anything to make them pretty!! so I finished this and now ready to try to clean up my tabble mess!

Have a wonderful night!


Monday, December 15, 2008

10 days ONLY 'til Christmas!!

Can anyone stop the time? PLEASE!! wow! only 10 days to go!! I need to send some cards tomorrow! I need to finish some gifts I have on the table (I need to clean the table so I can find them,lol) is a mess!!! well I finished my reports!! YEAHHHHHHH I'm FREE!! This is a card that I did today while I was cleaning my table (yeahhh again, SCRAPS from the table!!) I love the way I'm turning all those scraps!! but hey is taking a lot of time!! lol, everytime I put together some scraps when I look to them and they just go perfect together! I need to stop and CREATE!! so that is why is taking soooo long to put everything in order!

Hope you like it! I used the Birdy Holidays set again!! (I think that this set is growing on me, don't you think?)


Sunday, December 14, 2008

11 days 'til CHRISTMAS and BLOG HOP!

I'm sooo excited!! A special Angel! decided to start doing a BLOG HOP! and she made 2-3 that I couldn't enter because I had no extra time or because I didn't have anything to work with the theme!! I have seen a lot of Winter creations out there! BUT the winter in Puerto Rico doesn't look like the one I love to see on your creations, lol!

The other day I was on Paper Wings and noticed the theme for the new BLOG HOP!! do you have an idea about what the theme is? yessssss, is WINTER! So I said to myself, this is your chance to do something WINTER! without been looking crazy, lol!! So here is my creation for the BLOG HOP! Hope you enjoy it, I can tell you that I enjoy a lot! doing it, I had LOTS OF FUN!! can you imagine? I used glitter, liquid applique, snowflakes!! and this darling set! (Welcome Home) that I felt in love with since I saw it on the catalog and this is my first card with it!! wohoooooooooo!! Of course I added my lovely trim!! and a lil bit of texture using the cuttlebug embossing folders, what you think?

Please visit my dear angel friends and check their creations for this BLOG HOP!!

Angela K
Laurie U
Laurie W


Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 days 'til CHRISTMAS!

How can this happen? Time is flying, don't you think? I need to do some more stuff and now I just got a reminder about my projects for the Wingers projects!! OHHHHHHH I need more time!! can someone stop the time or maybe just slow down a lil bit!! I know that is impossible so I need to go a lil faster, right? I hope that I can pop up here tomorrow, but in case I can't come back on Monday! I want to share something with you!

This was a fun card to make!! I love the color combo! I sure my daughters love it!! is sooo bright and fun! Is a perfect card for kids!! I did it with all scraps on my table! Hope you enjoy it!


Friday, December 12, 2008

13 days 'til CHRISTMAS

Is almost here!! Christmas day is only 13 days!! I worked today with a 3 X 3 mini cards sets!! I'm in love with the Birdy Holiday set and it looks sooo cool with the Vintage Holiday paper!! What you think?

Today was a long day, we did a lot of things today!! How about you? are you feeling the fresh air? I love Christmas because everything feels soooo different, people are happier!! and that is sooo good!!

Hope you have a great weekend! and can acomplish everything you need to do! specially if is family or crafty stuff!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

14 days 'til CHRISTMAS!!

WOW!! Is just 14 days!! yeahhhhh, I'm going to start the countdown til Christmas 14 days and we can celebrate Jesus came to save us! What a blessing that we can celebrate it!! Do you do something special on Christmas day? Do you take your time to give thanks for all the blessings you receive from Him? Is a great day just to think about how blessed we are to live in a country where you can praise Him, where you can talk about Him! Is amazing what He have done for us!! Let start counting the days 'til Christmas!!

I did this card for a friend! When I'm working at my workshop I always pray for all the people I have met in this stamping/online world. Sometimes I'm just praying for someone and that inspire me to create! This was the case with this card! I hope she likes it when she get it! I love the Merry Wishes paper (so sorry is discontinued) and the Birdy Holiday is a great stamp set too!! many posibilites! Hope you have a great Christmas day!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10th day of DECEMBER

OH, well today was a pretty busy day! but was a good one! I found the Quick & Easy Photo Albums magazine I want (I read a lot of great reviews about it!) so I was very excited to found it, if you have a chance get a copy because it looks really good! (I just take a quick look but I want to try some stuff there!! wohoooooo)And you can also see Stacy Julian's album about a trip to PUERTO RICO!!

Today I just work with some stuff in the house and sending some goodies to my Secret Sister on the PW Forum! sooooooooo no crafty time!! but I will try to do my best tomorrow! At least you have some good inspiration with the magazine, hope you can get your copy! and let me know what you think!


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

9th day of DECEMBER!

WOW! Tomorrow is December 10!! Just 15 days 'til Christmas!!I hope you have enjoy the first 9 days of December. I hope I can be able to indulge you with some creative ideas through Christmas day! I have so much fun creating with you on mind!!

Are you done with all the things you had on mind to do before Christmas day? Are you ready for 2009? Well I need to say that I haven't finish yet! and that I'm not ready for 2009!! I know that this new year will bring lots of new stuff to my life so I need to prepare myself for all that!! and I just haven't! but I will! I trust my God that He is the one in control and I know He loves me and wants the best for me and my family! He is our Lord and I trust Him for everything saying that I just have to change what I have said! I'm ready for 2009!!! are you?

Do you have any goals or resolutions? If you have any share with me I will love to know what you have on mind! Mines are easy I need to lose about 10 pounds (yes the same 10 from the last 10 years, lol) I guess I don't want to! I want to be able to submit to magazines! I will LOVE to be publish in any magazine!! that have to be a really amazing experience! I remember when at Seminar Margie gave me the envelope with the ribbons inside she was just there looking at me and when I saw the Designer ribbon! I was sooo excited, I just had to call my daughter to let her know and yes I have tears in my eyes!! she was soooo excited for me! (she is 8) and then I just look at Ginger she had a Designer ribbon too!! We were sooooooooooo happy!! so I can imagine!!

Well no more blah, blah! I made this card with the Vintage Holiday paper from TAC (discontinued) I love that paper!!! sooooooooooo much!! I used the Bazzill green from Mimi collection and Kraft, Red and Brown cardstock! The stamp set is Birdy Holiday also from TAC and I add some trim and a jingle bell just to have a lil more fun!!

Hope you like it!


Eight day of December!! Chipboard cube with Scor Pal

WOW!!! today is my birthday!! yeahhh! I enjoy a lot this day! specially when I just woke up to see my lil daughters standing there with the presents!! (I was spoiled with 2 outfits!!) and my DH gave me FLOWERS!! They are just awesome! Do I tell you before how much I love them? Well, in case you have missed it! I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH!!

Well then when I got a chance to check my e-mail! wow!! there were a lot of Happy Birthday messages on my inbox!! I was sooooooo excited!! Thank you very much for your prayers, your wishes and all the great words you e-mailed me!! Thank you with all my heart!!

And since today is my birthday! I want to share with you a template/tutorial I did. The other day I did a search trying to get my hands on some wood blocks! but I have no luck! when I found them (I want them 2.5 inches) the shipping to Puerto Rico was SOOOOOOOOOO hight! that I was bummed! I want to do some cubes with pictures! but I thought it wasn't worthy! so I decided to do my own chipboard cubes, anyway I invest on my Scor Pal and that tool is soooo awesome that she is going to help me do what I want! and when you want something sooo bad, you can make it, right? At least if is something crafty, right? Here is what I did!

What you need to do a 2.5 chipboard cube?

First you need an 8½ X 11 piece of chipboard (I got mine here)
And the Scor Pal Follow the pictures and if you have any question just let me know!

Remember this can be great gifts for grandparents and you can add more pictures, more embelies, just as you like! I did it like this because I need to post it here!! asap!


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Seventh day of December!!

WOW!! Tomorrow is my birthday! lol! Well first I want to say that I'm sorry! Yesterday I hit the publish button and run to sleep without noticed that the post didn't publish! there was an error and I discovered it today! So that was the reason that the post was late!

Today I have no photo to share! since I was very busy all day and out of the house! but I will try to finish a project I have on my table and share it with you tomorrow!



Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sixth day of DECEMBER and a GC how to...

I'm not a big fan of Gift cards but since they are a good idea I just create this one from an 8½ X 11 cardstock (you can do 4 from an 8½ X 11 cardstock) is a quick and inexpensive idea right? and you can embelish as much as you desire and more personal. You don't have to use those standard that they comes with in some stores!

How to: (see pictures for details)

First cut a 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 cardstock (the same size as a card front, cut half and then half again). On the 5 1/2 side score at 1" and 3 1/2. On the 4 1/4 side score at 2/3 each side (see picture for details). Cut the side that you don't need. Ad red line tape to close the sides and embelish as desire!


Encouraged Blogger Award

WOW!! I have been nominated by Carol and Stacy, this girls rock!! so for me is an honor to be nominated by them for this award! Please take your time and enjoy their blogs!! and their talent!

To nominated just 5 is a dificult stuff for me since I have a lot of encouraging friends out there! I will choose my nominees tomorrow because today was a though day and I need to rest!

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.


Friday, December 05, 2008

Fifth Day of Christmas! and another how to...

I got 3 packages today, but I wasn't here!!!! Now I can't wait til tomorrow to go to the Postal Office to get them!! what that can be? Oh well I know that are scrapbooking stuff! but 2 boxes are from TAC! so I know that I have there my NEW PINK Bind IT All!! and some other cool stuff to play with!! Can't wait!! I have about 2-3 mini albums ready to go just waiting for the BIA to finish them!!

Do you remember about the 3 X 11 piece of cardstock that I have from yesterday chocolate pocket card? Well I just thought that I need to something with it (other than a mini card or a gift tag!) and this was what I did!! Do you like it? I enjoy doing it!! is just a quick idea for those moments when you need to do something quick and that you can use a lot!! I have the calendar pages to create some CD calendar! but I need to cut more for that! because those was the perfect size for this idea and I can keep it on my purse!! what fabulous idea!!

How to:

Score the 3 X 11 piece of cardstock at 2 1/2, 5, 7 1/2, 10 and 10 1/2
Print a 2009 calendar at your computer (size is 2 3/4 x 3
Then embelish as you desire!! and you're DONE!! I did mine like a purse and use the Reece paper because I have lots of scraps on my table!! so I need to use them or toss them so I prefer to used them! If you need more instructions please let me know, is really late and I'm tired, I will try to draw a template tomorrow!!

Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fourth Day of DECEMBER! and a how to...

WOW!! Is already 3 weeks to Christmas!! are you ready? Well, if you say yes! Congratulations!! if you say no! you still have time, and we are on the same boat!! I need to finish a couple or to be specific a LOT of things to do! but you know I can be up until the other day in case I need to do it! lol!

Here is a simple gift I did today! Is a pocket card to hold a Chocolate pack inside, is very easy to do and a great gift for co-workers! I used the Reece paper collection with Kraft and brown cardstock, Birdy Holiday and Spirit of Christmas everything from TAC in case you have it and want to CASE it!

How to:

Cut a 5½ x 11 (the remaining 3 x 11 you can use it for little cards or gift tags)
With the Scor Pal (or any other scoring system) score at 4 1/4, 4 3/4 and 9. Then make a pocket inside adding red tape to the flap inside (see pictures) and embelish. I will try to make a template in case you need it!

Hope you enjoy this time of the year!


PS Yesterday I completely forgot about the Wednesday of Challenge. I was sooo happy and excited that I forgot it, please forgive me and check it out --> here <--

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Third day of DECEMBER and Wednesday of Challenge

OHHHHHHH, today was a special day I will share with you next week, lol!! but pray for us!!

This is a quick card I did this morning and DH already sold it!! lol!! This morning I was inspired and I just came to my workshop to put together some cards DH was taking with him to sale at work. Since I was inspire I decided to do another one to complete 10! and this one was the first to sale!! I really love the look of the Reece paper and they go perfect with the Reece cardstocks pack plus this awesome stamp from Vintage Christmas set!!

Yesterday I completely forgot about the Wednesday of Challenge!! Please forgive me!! As I told you it was a happy day here so I was sooooo excited and with lot of things to do that I just post the card I did and that was it! Well in case you want to do the challenge! and since yesterday was a great day! My challenge to you is to create something that reflects happiness!! It can be anything! a card, a LO, an altered thing! whatever that inspire you happiness!! Please share with me on yesterday post I will edit that one!!

Hope you have a great day too!!


PS This post was edited to add the Wednesday of Challenge!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Second day of DECEMBER!!

Just a quick and easy card for today!! I love this rich coloros they just look gorgeous together, waht you think? My intention was to do a quick tag! so I cut a 3 X 3½ brown cardstock, I just have the tree from Holiday Cheer and the scallop circle on my table so I grab those to do it really quick! but when I rounded the corners I need to run so I just put it on my table and it was the kraft card there! when I came back I just look at this nice card sitting there! and I just glue it together and did another tag! lol! Now I have a tag and a card!!


Monday, December 01, 2008

First day of DECEMBER!!

First day of Christmas and to celebrate this special day! I want to share a lil ornament I did the other day! I cut a 3" circle, pass it through the corrugator, crumped it a lil bit and inked it too! I add an eyelet with my crop-a-dile and embelish with a scallop circle punch, a felt tree and some trim and a sentiment from the Feel Better Level A set and you are done!

I really like the simplicity of this lil ornament! I hope you like it too!