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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Eight day of December!! Chipboard cube with Scor Pal

WOW!!! today is my birthday!! yeahhh! I enjoy a lot this day! specially when I just woke up to see my lil daughters standing there with the presents!! (I was spoiled with 2 outfits!!) and my DH gave me FLOWERS!! They are just awesome! Do I tell you before how much I love them? Well, in case you have missed it! I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH!!

Well then when I got a chance to check my e-mail! wow!! there were a lot of Happy Birthday messages on my inbox!! I was sooooooo excited!! Thank you very much for your prayers, your wishes and all the great words you e-mailed me!! Thank you with all my heart!!

And since today is my birthday! I want to share with you a template/tutorial I did. The other day I did a search trying to get my hands on some wood blocks! but I have no luck! when I found them (I want them 2.5 inches) the shipping to Puerto Rico was SOOOOOOOOOO hight! that I was bummed! I want to do some cubes with pictures! but I thought it wasn't worthy! so I decided to do my own chipboard cubes, anyway I invest on my Scor Pal and that tool is soooo awesome that she is going to help me do what I want! and when you want something sooo bad, you can make it, right? At least if is something crafty, right? Here is what I did!

What you need to do a 2.5 chipboard cube?

First you need an 8½ X 11 piece of chipboard (I got mine here)
And the Scor Pal Follow the pictures and if you have any question just let me know!

Remember this can be great gifts for grandparents and you can add more pictures, more embelies, just as you like! I did it like this because I need to post it here!! asap!



StampinCarol said...

Happy Birthday! And your cube is really cool!

Seleise said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It sounds like it was wonderful!!! Glad you have a loving special family! love the cube too!

Have a fabulous yea!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! And what a great idea for a cube. rita w

Barb said...

OMG... Happy Birthday!! And the cube tutorial was great!

Marcia P said...

Okay, I'm a bit late with the birthday wishes, but I hope the day was a great one.

Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

:) Marcia