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Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 days 'til CHRISTMAS!!

Is almost here!! the day we celebrate Jesus came to SAVE us!! what a blessing is that we can celebrate Him and we can share the good news with others. Take your time to think about Him, about what He have done in your life and share that with others.

I have a great day today! I teach Bible School to my daughters and we talk about Faith! it was such a blessing to share with them about it (it was Peter's story when he walked on water) and then at Church the Pastor preach about the Annunciation when the Angel talked to Maria, what a Great Woman!! I always cry when I read this story, is just amazing, she was a woman, but she received God's favor because she was special. Her character was humble, she was obedient and she LOVES God with all her heart! We need to learn so much from her! I hope you feel the joy of the Christmas on your heart and may God be with you this Christmas day and always!

About the card! This was the other card I did yesterday! the one that I did 8 cards (some are in Spanish and some have two lil trees instead of the one big tree!) I enjoy a lot doing this! it was really quick! because I had the trees pre-cut!

Have a great evening!


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Barb said...

Lovely, simple & clean card... keep 'em coming!! :)