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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A little bit more about ME at Seminar!

Finally I can catch up with some stuff (newsletter, orders and a little bit more, NOT yet the e-mails!! I am sooo sorry). Anyway, here a little bit more about Seminar this year! I have so much to share that I don't know where to start!!

As I told you last week I received the Angel Award at Seminar, finally I scaned the certificate because I want to share it with you! Everytime I read it I have lots of emotions!! isn't that amazing how others see you? Sometimes we don't know until you get this kind of recognition!! THANK you sooo very much for nominated me for this!! I love TAC and I love my fellow ANGELS! Seminar is one of the events I look for every year!! and is mainly because is the only time I can visit with other angels that I met online, that means a lot for me!!

I am not sure if I shared with you this but here it goes again if I did, lol!! This picture shows some of the things I got at Seminar!! Oopsss I forgot the CROWN!! you can see me here wearing it!! ouch I need to take more pictures!! lol! This is the PINK Dooney & Bourke purse I got for been the #1 TOP Recruiter for the company!!! Yeahhhhhh I can't beleive it!! Do you know how much I love TAC? It's a blessing for me so I want to share it with everyone!!! THANKS to all my downlines that beleive in TAC and me!!

With the purse you can see my name tag!! I won 5 ribbons this year!! Club Med, Top Recruiter, Top 10 Sales, Contest Winner and Catalogue Designer. I was sooo happy when the girls at the Information Booth gave me my envelope!! wowza!!! lots of ribbons, lol!! You can also see some of the pins I got at Seminar!! (The Heart one was for the Angel Award, the Achiever was for promoting to Executive and the Queen of Recruiting it was giving to me with other one I am not sure where it is, lol, for TOP Recruiter). It was an amazing time most of it because of the FRIENDSHIP!! Angels are such an incredible group of talented and caring ladies!! I can tell you from the beginning (I met with Ginger at the Airport and then my roomies where on the Shuttle Bus when it went to pick us up at the Airport), then we went to Wal-mart!! ohhhhhh Wal-mart was FULL of Angels!! every minute you get to visit with a bunch of them, it was specTACular!! Then on Thursday the Club Med, what a group of amazing leaders!! after that we had time to chat and swap at the lobby and to Jackie's team meeting! We eat at Spanggles (yummooooo).

During Friday, oh wow!! it was an incredible time together, the catalog, the food, the projects!! and the AWARD BANQUET!! (I don't have many pictures from the Banquet because I was recording, I have to steal a couple of them from my dear Angels this one from my dear Julie Robinson, thanks girl!)

Award winners were supossed to wear the crowns during Saturday activities! instead I spent some time getting pictures of Angels with my crown, it was FANTASTICAL!! everyone want to wear a CROWN right? (Here are some of them, don't they look specTACular?) During the morning Mischelle talked to us about the NEW career plan and then she called ALL the Award Winners to be on stage!! I thought it was for a picture, lol! BUT it was for a Q & A session, it was the BOMB!! WOW, lots of ideas!! She asked us about our success and what we do! Awesome, Mischelle is amazing!! it was great to share with others what we do!! Then off to some incredible classes!! Then off to eat with my dear friends: Ginger, Beth Gruenke, Lory Trackz, Jackie and Maribel!! Old Town Wichita is fabulous!! the River City place was lovely, we enjoy it so much there!! We laugh, cry and have FUN!! Is this going to stop!! NO!! we went to get dress for the Sock Hop Party!! My dear friend Rita Wetzel made an awesome polka dot skirt for me!! it was beautiful!! What can I say, I am ready for the next Seminar!!!

Thank you so much for all your support and for read my little blog! I really enjoy to share with you here!!


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Patti J. said...

What a nice post Diana! From what others tell me, you were very deserving of all of your awards! So glad you had a good seminar!

Ellie Jacobson said...

Diana...I'm so glad we got to meet and be roomies at are so inspiring to me!

Big hugs,

Jane said...

Wow, looks like you had a blast!


Sonia said...

Diana, gracias por compartir las fotos y la info de lo bien que la pasaste.
Que bueno ver a Marie en las fotos.
Se ve que la pasaron super bien.
Saludos para todas.


Sarah said...

Congrats on winning the Angel Award. You truly deserve it!! It was great seeing you at seminar.

Connie said...

I love the red and white skirt for the sock was just perfect. Congrats on all the awards, you have worked hard for each and everyone of them, and deserve them all!