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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday of Challenge!

Since I'm on the love, friendship mood! My challenge to you is create cards or anything with the Love and/or Friendship theme!! as you have seen! I did a lot of cards on Sunday (about 15)! I sent 7 on Monday! and I have 10 more to do! that I will do today! The ones here are part of the group I did on Sunday with my oldest girl that turns 9 tomorrow! For those who leave a comment about her work! she is waiting to turns 18 to sign up as an ANGEL! lol! so yes I will be without customers in 9 years! lol! Our challenge here was to take same papers and use whatever we found on our table!! The Valentine's one is her card and the Love one is my card! Pretty good, humm!! I like better her card, lol!

Well I have to run cause she is sick and wants to be okay to celebrate her birthday tomorrow!! she wants to eat cake, lol! So I will go and hug her and give her lots of love so she can feel better tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

¡Me encanta esa segunda tarjeta! Bueno, como justamente acabo de hacer una tarjeta de amor, ¡aquí te va!

Percy said...

Diana, me encantan las dos, la chica tiene mucho talento...cierto que te quita las clientas en un tiempo!!!
Dale un abrazote de mi parte (aunque no la conozco...) mucho amor para que se mejore y tenga un Feliz Cumpleaños!!! Un abrazo para ti tambien.

Debbie said...

I hope your baby girl will feel better soon. Tell her that I think her card is beautiful!

Have a great day!
(Alabama-USA) said...

Ah...I hope your daughter feels better soon. I am also into the "love" theme with valentines. I like your choice of colors for the cards