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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A LOVE card! and more AWARDS!

Here is another card I did with my oldest girl on Sunday! this one was designed by her!! I just glue it together!! and add the scallop trip border! She have talent right? I will share more later!! she have more cards on my table!! and the lil one start doing the same! the bad thing about it is that they are taking my scrap papers that I have to create cards!!! but you know what I have tons of scraps so I will glue them tomorrow and share them with you! lol!

I'm honor to got three more awards! The first was Marie Antonette! I received it from my dear friend and fellow angel Cynthia!! go and check her blog she is just an awesome and creative girl! she have great projects and always is with a great attitude!!

My nominees are:


I'm honor to got three more awards! The second was the Spreader of Love Award! and I got if from Barb!! thank you sooo much for thinking of me!! Go and check her blog she is a very creative girl! She have AMAZING ideas that you need to go and spread some love!! Here are my nominees!


I also got the Lemonade Award from my dear friend Ginger!! Thank you sooo much for thinking on me for this award! you made my day!

I am presenting This Lemonade Award to 5 bloggers who have shown great attitudes and/or gratitude this week. All of you have my gratitude and appreciation.

1. Melissa
2. Alison
3. Sparkle
4. Amy
5. Yesy

Please continue to pass this gratitude along:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 5 blogs with the links to their blogs.
3. Let me know that you have received this award by commenting on my blog.
4. Share the Love - link to this post and the person from whom you received your award.



Percy said...

Diana, I love your daughters talent! Her card is beautiful!!! (she takes after you....) Hugs! said...

thank you Diana, too sweet. I am enjoying your valentine creations and your daughters work is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

You've got a future demonstrator on your hands!! Great card by your daughter!! rita w

Seleise said...

your daughter designed a great card - awesome! and, thanks for the award!