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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Want to play with me?

Ohhhhh!! I got 4 orders from the 50% off sale that TAC had on January! (those are for customers) well I have to say the true right? a couple are for me!! just 3!! lol! So if you order from me the 26th, do the happy dance because I have your order here!! I just need one more from the 27th and I am as happy as a kid with a candy! or better with a chocolate!!!

Wich makes me happier is that I also got my first order from the Magalogue!! and there I got some new stamps! aren't you excited for me? lol!! I know I am. I got a couple of the Mabelle's stamps: Dear Friend, Little Cupcake and Garden Joy. I also got: A kind of gratitude, Edge Designs, Fairy Tales, Creative Inspiration and Victorian Elements!! I already had Feline Fabulous, Little Stinkers, Playful Parenthesis, Showers of love and Memo Fun. Can you tell how excited I am!!! I also got the Cute as a bug, Purr-fect friends and Be of good!! I am dancing here!! can you see me? Well I am going to be mounting and cutting all this rubber and playing along! so I have to say Good night now!

Hmmmmmmmmm but I said if you want to play! can you come? ohhhh if not let me know if you want to play and I can stamp a couple of images and send it your way! (okay when I mount and cut them, okay!)


PS I cut some and did this card! the pink cardstock is stamped with the Victorian Elements, those are easy to cut, lol! I also use Butterfly bits and Friendship Strips! hope you like it!

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Doramiyi said...

Are you serious Diana? If you are I'd be soooo happy. I plan to get a some sets from the magalogue but have to wait a little bit. I just bought lots from the January sale.

But I don't think I will be able to get the Level C, 'Be of Good' hostess set. I would love it if you could send me some images so I can play too. That would make me soooo happy.