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Monday, February 02, 2009

First 5 LOVE Card...

First I want to say that the NEW producs from the Magalogue! are up on my site! so you can check them here!! OHHHHHHHH can't wait to get Mabelle's stamps and the Feline one!! ohhhhhh I just love them!!

About my weekend!! I have a lot of fun! on Saturday we went to see the Fantastic Dogs Show! and it was very cool, my favorite part was seeing my daughter's faces!! that's just priceless!! Then I received the visit from two dearest friends!! one came here to become an ANGEL!! and she is oficially a TRUE ANGEL!! lol! then I was on the phone with another friend that want to become an ANGEL!! and she is oficially a TRUE ANGEL!! too!! I have two new babies!! lol. Welcome to the family Ana and Aymar! I know that you are going to be awesome angels!!

Then on Sunday we went to Church, is always so marvelous when we connect with OUR Savior! so we keep that spirit and have a great time here! We watched a movie and then my lil one went with daddy to play upstairs! and my BIG girl came with me to the workshop to play with ME!! We did 15 cards! yes!! she is so talented!! we have lots of fun doing LOVE cards!! I bet you want to see some, right? Well here are a couple of them! I couldn't take a picture of all of them together because I was in a rush to go to the postal office and this 5 went postal today! (and 2 others too!!)

Well I need to run because today is 24 (the TV serie, not February 24, lol!!)


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Barb said...

Beautiful cards, Diana!! Layouts, papers, everything!!