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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crafts and the actual economy - An opportunity for you?

I have been thinking for a while about how TAC's opportunity can help you out in this economy. I know that it helps me, so I know it can help you! but how I share it with you without just talking about me! So I was researching (another of my passions) and found a lot of things that I will love to share with you!

First, as a Licensed Professional Counselor I know that the actual economy can be very stressful but I also know that through stamping and Scrapbooking you can get relieve, yes, is true, is a very relaxing thing to do, I can assure you that! It can be a really good therapy!

Second, do you know that you can relax doing this and also earn money with it? Yes! You can do it in different ways, you can sell your stuff and you can also sell the products to the ones that want to get crafty (and there are a lot of people wanting to do this). This brings you another way of nice feelings, because you are helping others and that brings a lot of satisfactions and that is priceless!! Nothing can beat that!

Third, when you help someone you are going to receive the satisfaction and referrals from that person! Yes, she/he is going to be the best marketing out there! Do you know how many people are tired of this economy? Do you know how many people want to do something with their life? For sure they will love to something to help with their stress, there you go to the rescue!!

Here are some details I found on an online article*:

"Last year, 42 million households gave handmade gifts, according to the Craft & Hobby Association, a trade group, and that number is expected to increase greatly this year, its spokesman, Victor Domine, said."

“Across the country, people are crafting more,” he said. “With the recession, people are looking for ways to save money, and doctors are recommending it as a major form of stress relief.” *

Isn't this wonderful? Well it is, if you act now and get this to your heart and do something to help other and help yourself! Join my team during this tremendous momentum and you are going to get the benefits of this great opportunity!

Ask me more! I am here to help you!


*You can find the complete article here

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