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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wohooooooo NEW sets!

How cool!! Yesterday I used the Mabelle Favorites for the Wednesday of Challenge card, I couldn't upload it because I had a migraine at night that it was impossible, so here it is. I got yesterday some new rubber: Mabelle Favorites, Floral Vines SOTM and Sweet Things! and Today I reedemed my Gift Certificate for becoming Executive, and now I can't wait to play with more NEW rubber! lol!!

I am having fun with the Floral Vines SOTM and the FREE download papers (I will show you later). There are so much fun. Go and get your FREE papers here I know I will use them over and over! Same with the Mabelle Favorites set and the Floral Vines SOTM. If you want one of those sets you should be ordering already, time is flying and they are going to be available just this month! so get them while you can!

Check TAC new promo: TAC Grab Bags!! (I am sure you will love them)

Recipe to go and shop with me: Mabelle Favorites and Sweet Things.



Tammy said...

Cute card!!!


Barb said...

yummy card! love all of the sparkly 'sprinkles' :)