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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Did you forget something?

Oh, well!! I did and I feel terrible. I tried to remember everything, and I used to do so, but I guess I can't do that anymore! What do I forget? To send a card!! I will love to have all dates in my mind and that something sound whenever I need to send a card (about 3 days before?). But that's not happening! I need to be more organized. What system do you use? What works for you? I really need something! I am going to try to add everything to my Palm and that way I can get an alert! That sounds cool; the problem now is to get everything together to add it there, lol! Should I put an announcement here, on Twitter, Facebook and my yahoo groups asking for birthday’s date to all my friends? That way I can add them right away, right? Please give me some advice! I need to work this out so I don’t miss anyone’s important dates!

Here is the card I did in NO time, since the mailman was around the corner and I didn’t want to loose any more time to send a card to my friend! Hope she likes it! I used Catelynne papers and Ordinary Greetings!

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Helen Dooley said...

One thing I do is I have a book with just the date no day for each month. When I sit down to make the cards I date up in the corner when they need to be mailed to get there on time and put the my the mail. cheat and add a day just in case.

Deb said...

I am late with a couple of birthdays this month too! I have a hanging calendar that I keep only for birthdays now so I can easily check which birthdays I have this month!

Have a great sunday! Debx