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Thursday, April 02, 2009

TAC April Specials

April Stamp Of The Month
April Vintage Set: Mabelle Favorites Spring into April's Specials
Look at this amazing stamps! Don't you want them all? I know I want them all. I just ordered them yesterday!!

A little bit about the promos! Mabelle's set is a MUST HAVE! is a collection of some of her old images and I will love to see Mabelle Favorites 2, 3, 4 and more! she have lots of amazing images that I know you will LOVE! so get one of this set (I know you will use it a lot and hopefully we can ask for more collections like this!
The SOTM and the Spring into April promo are available with a discount to those who place a $30 order. Remember that with the same $30 order you can get the SOTM and the Spring into April sets for the discount price! you can get one, two or all three sets plus the SOTM with only $30 in purchase!! isn't that awesome? if you get all this sets with the discount you save almost $20. Don't wait get yours NOW! Go here to shop.

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