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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Only 4 days for a new month!

May is in a hurry to be here!! or it is April that didn't want to be here for long? May is just around the corner!! I can't believe it! I guess that is because I can't wait to see the new catty in June, lol! or because TAC is having so much for us these days that is WOWing me!! Anyway, I want to let you know that TOMORROW I am going to be featuring my WOW blogger of this month! and her project is AMAZING!! I can't wait to share it with you!! but I want to do it tomorrow so everyone have time to enjoy it!!

Can't wait? Me neither, Oh well here is a sneak peek!!

Don't forget to go shopping with me here. Remember that during this month and only during this month you can get the Mabelle Favorites set at a special price and with your $30 order you can buy the Floral Vine SOTM and one of each of the Spring into April sets. PLUS, the 25% in all of the soon to be discontinued stamps and the TAC bags while supplies last! WOW, we have a lot going on, RIGHT? so don't wait a little more, get your order in!

To get this even sweeter, I am going to be giving away one of each of the 3 Spring into April sets! Want to get in? Just place an order with me during this month! and you can be the lucky winner, I will be doing a raffle to pick ONE winner! it can be YOU!! don't wait and get your order in (on my site or e-mail me)for every $30 you get a ticket! and if you host a FUNshop or a Catalog Party you get 5 tickets!! Ask me!!


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