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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Isn't this girl just cute?

I love Mabelle Favorites set! but this cute little girl is just to die for. She looks so sweet, so sassy! that I need to work with it! I used the Catelynne collection because it looks so her! Do you like it? I hope so because I really have fun with it!! lol!

Since this is a Mabelle design I want to use her Spanish Sentiments stamp set! and because I thought she looks like me on these days! that I still celebrating my promotion, lol!

Don't forget to get this set NOW, because we are almost half way down to get it, remember this is a special collection called Mabelle Favorites and you can only get it during this month! Hurry and get yours now, it is only until the last day of the month and you will not be able to buy it afterward.

Go shopping now: Mabelle Favorites, Spanish Sentiment and Catelynne paper collection.



Danni said...

Oh what a cute card! Great job! I got this, now to get it inked up!

patty.cakes/ga said...

This little girl is so cute and that is a very cute card. I would really like to get this stamp, but have never purchased from your company.