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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From Card to Crop

Is raining a lot down here!! and there is a lot of devastation on the southeast part of the Island, really sad! Hope they can receive the help they need at this moment, please pray for all the people affected around the world (Haiti, Cuba, Texas, Puerto Rico...)Thanks God me and my family are doing fine (we have a lot of rain and we had problems with the water service, but that is already back to normality, at least that what I think so)

Here is a project I did for PW's Newsletter! the theme was From Card to Crop, what you have to do is creat a Layout from a card sketch or idea and here is what I came with! The picture was taken at Dallas Zoo last year!

Hope you like it!

Love ya,

PS Check yesterday's post I add another photo to show the lil cards that where inside the clamshell!


Michelle said...

Very cute!

Seleise said...

so glad you made it through the storms ok. love the card!