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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Inside pages - yesterday share!

Opsssssss!! I forgot to add the rest of the album yesterday!! Since I don't have internet access from my computer I depends on when I can get into my DH's computer, lol!! and sometimes the time flies!! and I need to run to do something else! sorry for that!

Here are the inside pages of the project! Hope you enjoy it as much as me and the girls on the class did!!

Love ya,

PS Don't forget Wednesday of Challenge!! I promise one tomorrow, I even have it post it!! so check back tomorrow!! is that clear? (hint)


Sarah said...

This album is amazing!! Great job Diana!

Sarah G.

Percy said...

Diana, you did such an amazing work here...beautiful album, beautiful looking family!!!

Angela K said...

What a beautiful mini albul!! You also have such a beautiful family too!! TFS