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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And the winner is...

I almost forgot about this!! LOL, just kidding!!

The winner is Cheryl!!

Congratulations Cheryl, please e-mail me with your address so I can send you the CANDY!!

THANKS!! to all of you for stoping by! and post your comments to celebrate my 5000 hits.


Envelope step by step

Hello dear friends!!

Thanks for your comments, e-mails and phone calls!! I really apreciate that. So now I know that you like it!!

Here are the step by step instruction in English and Spanish:

You can watch the video tutorial here.

First: You need a 10½ square cardstock

Second: Score it at all sides by 2 5/8 (it was such an adventure to learn how I said that in English, thanks to Myriam Rodrigez aka Clarice for your help!)

Third: Cut all the square corners (now you have 4 2 5/8 square tags!! or some mats for cards accents, yihaaaa, always save your scraps!!)

Fourth: Cut one of the corners of each 4 rectangles, diagonally (watch the video) with a scallop scissors.

Now you can ink all the scallops borders if you want, like I did on mine.

Place your card on the center and close it (watch the video) add a ribbon with a matching tag to have an awesome look!!

Have FUN and share with me your projects!!

Any question, feel free to contact me.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My gift to you... Envelope tutorial and a hint!

I just have to do something for you cause you inspiring me so much to keep creating and working in my projects. So my dear friend Rosalyn came to my house to help me record my FIRST!! tutorial in VIDEO!! I was so thrilled with this! She came and when we start to do everything, she said: do you have a tripod? and I said yes!! and she said, do you use it? NO!! was my answer, what for? LOL, so of course now I understand why she was asking and for now on I am going to take better pictures!! and can have more fun to share with you!

Credits for the video: Rosalyn (recorder and director) and Mariana, my 7 years old daughter (light effects), LOL!!

Sorry for the oopsss is our first time with this adventure, tomorrow I am going to have a text tutorial with the measures and steps!


PS The hint is on the video, LOL!

Envelope step by step (in Spanish/ en Español)


Siii, estoy escribiendo en Español para beneficio de mis compatriotas latinas!

Estas son las instruccione paso a paso para crear el sobre!

Primero: Necesitas un cardstock 10 ½ x 10 ½

Segundo: Haz el "scoring" (doblez) a 2 5/8 en cada lado (como en el video)

Tercero: Corta todas las esquinas (ahora tendrás 4 cuadraditos 2 5/8 que puedes utilizar para crear tags, matting para elementos en tus tarjetas, etc) (ver video par detalles)

Cuarto: Corta una esquina de cada uno de los 4 rectángulos que quedan alrededor del cuadrado del centro, hazlo diagonalmente y con una tijera de diseño, en este caso usé la "scallop".

Puedes añadir tinta si deseas para un estilo más "fancy". Coloca la tarjeta en el centro y cierra el sobre poniendo una solapa a la vez, la última la escondes por dentro de la primera de modo que se vean los bordes con "scallops" añade una cinta para crear un detalle más romántico. (Ver video para detalles)

GRACIAS a Patty Tanuz por visitar mi blog y pedir el tutorial en español!!

Un abrazo,

Double incentives PROMO Extended!!


TAC ROCKS!!! the DOUBLE incentives promo now end on Nov. 30!! They have that surprise for US!!! SO you can add to your order and have DOUBLE incentives on November too. If you did not take advantage during October you still have time to get them!!

I am soooo happy and so in LOVE with TAC!!

See you in a few hours, because I have a surprise for you!!


How seet!! and Blog Candy extended!

I decide to extend the Candy until tomorrow, so you can have a lil bit more of time to add your comment and have the chance to WIN!!

I just have to share a comment in that post!!

"I love your mini albums. Now I'm "hooked". So here is a little something for you.

D ivine and
I inspiring
A good friend to me.
N ever seen her sad.
A true "Stamping Queen". "

It was sooo sweet to read this post, because sometimes we think that what we do is just something to someone but sometimes we never know when we touch a person, and through the blog I can know more about you! and the way you feel about me, and that is a real blessing!!

Thanks to all for the messages that you add to my blog, I always read them with a smile on my face!! and beside my family, the other inspiration that I have to keep working is your comments! that really inspires me!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Chipboard album pages

Hello!! here are the slide with the Chipboard album pages!! as I told you. I am going to try to take better pictures tomorrow, because today was rainning here, so no sun to take good pictures plus is not that easy to take pictures of some pages of the album!

Hope you like them and if you have any question regarding how to do it, just let me know.


5000 hits!!! and two cards!

I got to the 5000 hits over the weekend!! THANKS to all of you for stoping by!!

I am going to announce the winner tonight, so be sure to post a comment on the Blog Candy post to have your chance for the yummi candy!!

This is one of the cards I worked for Angelosity Challenge. This one was done yesterday night using sketch #22.

Products used:

Kaleidoscope Girlz papers
Miss Kitty GWP (Free with your $30 order)- TAC
Prismacolor pencils

This is the one for today's sketch (#23)

Products used for the second card:

Robbin's Egg 1 DCWV Cardstock
Scrap of paper from Lilly Anna Collection
Scrap of paper from Mimi Collection
Flowers and Ribbon from a Swap

Also I just want to remind you that we are just 3 days to go for the DOUBLE benefits!! Be sure to send your order soon!!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Beate Z card Challenge

Finally I made it!! yes, my Z card!! for Beate challenge is done. I was trying to use only the scrap that I have on my table and a NEW stamp that I got from TAC is JOY!! is awesome, I love the simplicity and the NO time consuming of a stamp!! I just can not finish sooner cause my family needs my atention LOL. Every time that I was almost finishing someone need something, those that sounds familiar to any of you? LOL

Hope you like it the result!

I used:

Ornamental Joy (Fall Suplement)
Scrap from Infuse collection from Basic Grey
White cardstock
Brown Ribbon

Instruction (if you want to see the detailed tutorial on this card click here)

I cut the white paper at 4 1/4 x 11 and score at 2 3/4 and at 5 1/2. I add the scrap of paper to the 2 3/4 side. I stamp the JOY in the red cardstock with Burnt Umber and then matted it with the brown cardstock (I used the paper shapers scissors #34-0034) then I made a whole at the center of the 2 3/4 scoring and pass the ribbon through it. If you need photos just let me know!


The countdown!!

Yeahhhhhh just 90 hits to go!!

I am sooo glad that you like my work and my blog, is just a wonderful blessing for me that I can share with all of you the things that I do!! It is not amazing to get in contact with other ladies that share your passion and love for something? even do you have never met them and you are, in most of the times, so far away!! That is why I love to blog!! so much!!

The picture here is my latest class at Memory Lane, is the Tea Break chipboard book that TAC carry for just $3.50!! and I used the Infuse papers from Basic Grey. This make a great holiday gift!!

Hope you enjoy this project as much as I do!


First: I pre-cut the papers to 4 3/4 x 5 1/2 except the one that I used for the cover.

Second: I stamp and attach everything before glue it to the album.

Third: Once I finished everything I just glue it to the album, cut the corners with a scissor then I buffered all the pages and add ink to them.

Fourth: The last part is to cover the entire album with a 4 3/4 X 12 paper and cut the excess when I finish! I add a ribbon and some circles just to make it HAPPY!!

If you have any question just let me know! Maybe I can help you out once you start it! Does that make sense? I am going to try to finish the slide show soon, so you can have fun with the entire album!

Products used:

Infuse papers from Basic Grey
Tea Break chipboard book - TAC
More Abundance set - TAC
Bold Flourishes - TAC (I found that this sets match perfect with this BG collection)
Just Journaling - TAC
Punctuation - TAC
The word sets that came with the Kaleidoscope kit (this offer ends on October 31st if you want it, just let me know!!)
Flowers and stickles - TAC


Saturday, October 27, 2007

You are a blessing in my life!!

Hello Sweetties!!

I can not beleive that I am almost 5000 hits! and your words to my blog are deeply in my heart!!! THANKS! a lot for all your nice words.

This is just a lil note to let you know that my angel site is down today and that is why the links are not working, try later please! If you do not have an Angel and want to have a catalog contact me to work it out!

I am leaving now (I am going to have a shopping day with family!) So I am going to try to post some stuff that I have in my table! YESSSS!! I worked! LOL.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Are you up for a CANDY??

Yeahhhhhhh, I am almost 5000 hit!!! now I have 4,500+ hits!! is not amazing?? I need to start celebrating that!! I remember that one of my favorites blog have 9000 when I was at her blog and I decide to add the counter to my blog and I was sooo sad!! when a week later I visit my site and my counter was on 36 LOL, I have no idea that my blog can have 5000 hits in so lil time (because I started posting frequently on August!!) so of course that I am going to have CANDY!!!

So just add a comment in this post letting me know which is your favorite post!! if this is your first time here just grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! Be sure to add your entry number starting with #1 to your comment because I am going to do a random selection using Share the news with your friends!!!

The candy??? hmmmmmmm What about something nice, like 5 stamps and 17 elements?

Here is the content of the candy! (Picture in this post, not included the paper, but you can buy those in the Kaleidoscope Brites Kit wich are on sale at $10, Reg. $19.95)

5 Stamps sets
1 square coaster set (5)
1 round coaster set (5)
5 yards of ribbon
1 set of 10 square cards with envelopes
4 yellow flowers
4 green flowers
1 set of 6 clips


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Final Farewells 2007! Links with images!

Hey!! this is the list with the soon to be discontinued stamps if you have the catalog you can check them!! The first number is the page number. If you do not have the catalog you can click on the name and check them in my website!! Enjoy and make your list!


Note: There are some images not available, and I just give you the link to the category because there you can see the image! This sets are mark with an *

Page Code Stamp Set
22 T-2681 Bold Statements *
23 T-2677 Comic Bursts *
23 T-2134 Creepy Crawlies
28 T-2015 Word Play
31 T-2329 Tropical Flowers *
33 T-2579 This is Me
34 T-1214 Dance Yourself Silly
34 T-2390 My Inspiration
35 T-2564 You-nique
35 T2286 About a Girl
38 T-2104 Chocoholic
38 T-2123 Happy Heart Day
38 T-876 Valentine Trio
39 T-2711 Sweet Tweet
41 T-2306 Leafy Expressions
41 T-2659 Love and Joy
42 T-2116 Earth Laughs
42 T-1172 Pressed Flowers
43 T-2340 Hello Sunshine
43 T-2280 Sentimental Stems
44 T-2651 Oopsie Daisies
44 T-2348 Flirty Flowers
44 T-2687 Fresh Flowers
44 T-2331 Beautiful Outcome
46 T-2584 Something for You
46 T-675 Nothing is Better
46 T-2098 Tree Silhouettes
46 T-890 Charming Gardeners
47 T-742 Luscious Leaves
47 T-2608 Scrolling Leaves
48 T-741 Beautiful Butterflies
49 T-2305 Swirly Wings
51 T-2184 Leap Frogs
51 T-2386 Ladybug Hello
52 T-1019 Light the Path
53 T-2128 Sizzlin’ Summer
54 T-1237 Cats
54 T-1023 Cuddle Pug
54 T-196 Cat’s Meow
54 T-269 Dog’s Life
55 T-2516 Birthday
55 T-1242 Congrats Grad
55 T-2547 Keep On Cluckin’
55 T-2010 School Time
56 T-2586 Oh Yeah
56 R-130 Grand Birthday
58 T-2361 Just so Sweet
58 R-2000 Special Delivery
58 T-2362 Baby Steps
59 T-2388 Let’s Race
59 T-2364 Little Ones
60 T-1116 Funky Girlfriends
60 T-489 Stick Kidz
60 T-1223 All Stars
60 T-2383 How Do I Look?
61 T-2527 Bloomin’ Boxes
61 T-1046 Lion
62 T-2541 Clothesline Bears
62 T-2114 Simply Because
62 T-2404 Monkey Business
62 T-2111 Wonderful Day
62 T-2005 Wild Animals
63 T-2297 Menu
63 T-2007 Sweet as Pie
64 T-2403 Floral Greetings
64 T-2273 Everything Nice
64 T-2211 Traditional All Season
64 T-2130 Precious Girl
65 T-2735 Half Cracked
65 T-2526 Hello Blocks
65 T-253 Hello Seasons
66 T-126 Frazzled
66 T-1213 Relax Gorgeous
66 T-2538 So Glam
66 T-254 Road Trip
67 T-846 Seasonal Scribbles
69 T-2371 Bug Me Anytime
70 T-2373 So Many Hats
70 T-2234 Retail Therapy
71 T-2302 Creative Genius
71 T-373 Scriptures
72 T-2393 Trust in the Lord
72 T-2401 Friends so Dear
73 T-302 Rose Sentiments
74 T-895 Great Greetings
74 T-2265 Be
74 T-2287 Ribbon Words
75 T-2093 More One Liners
75 T-2282 Label Words *
75 T-2285 About a Boy
77 T-420 Dot Words
77 T-2587 Too Much Fun
77 T-1163 Soft Spoken
78 T-908 Dance With Your Spirit
78 T-160 Best Wishes
78 T-195 Sentiments
78 T-879 Well Defined Backgrounds
80 T-1065 Alpha-Tiles
80 T-428 Classic Alphabet
80 T-2263 Fun-bet
80 T-293 Alpha-Curls
81 T2235 Open chunky Uppers
81 T2236 Open Chunky Lowers
82 T-2 Stitched Stripe
82 T-3 Plaid Stripe
82 T-60 Long Lines Border
82 T-830 Background Bonanza
82 T874 Background Squiggles
83 T-2317 Just Journaling
83 T-283 Basic Backgrounds
83 T-282 Backgrounders
83 T-829 Fun Tags
85 T-2159 1920s Collage
85 T-2173 Sew Fun
87 T-2295 Howdy
87 T-1222 Farm Fun
88 T-2296 The Great Outdoors
88 T-2244 My Honey
88 T-1194 Camp Out
89 T-1089 Fishing Lures
89 T-1090 Lazy Days
90 T-2625 Play Hard
90 T-2624 Bring It
91 T-2021 Tool Time
91 T-2524 Football Blocks
92 T-1170 Old Truck
94 T-2174 Pumpkins
94 T-2533 You’re a Treat
94 T-2246 Boo Bash
95 R-2017 Full of Sweetness
96 T-2523 Delicious Autumn
96 T-341 Fall Sampler
97 T-2519 Magic of Christmas
97 T-2671 Flamingo Christmas
98 T-2528 Cheers
98 T-2542 Oh Christmas Tree
98 T-2193 Mister Penguin
98 T-2543 Joyful Reindeers
100 T-2253 Christmas Blessings
102 T-2217 One Bright Star
102 T-2529 Christmas Postage
102 R-30 Santa
102 R-145 Christmas Bear
103 T-156 Poinsettia
103 T-2399 Holiday Greetings
103 T-2215 Christmas Joy
104 T-2521 Snowman Smiles
104 R-2023 Fun Filled Holidays
104 R-2016 Winter Cheer
105 T-1145 Snow Tag
105 T-2267 Warm Hello
105 T-1141 Bunch of Flakes
106 T-333 I Love Snowmen
106 T-1178 Coolest Snowmen
106 T-1149 Heart Sings
107 T-2585 Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh my GOLLY!!

This is the name of the promo that I show you the preview last Friday!! But now I just want to share with you some exciting things!!

The following paper collections are being retired with the new catalogue and will be on clearance:
R-2500 Bella Flor $19.95 Now! $10.00
V-825 Kaleidoscope Brites $19.95 Now! $10.00

A collection of 36 (8 X 8) papers, 3 each of 12 designs!!
V-923 Surf Shoppe $6.95 Now! $3.50
V-926 Simply Spooky $6.95 Now! $3.50
R-2501 Vintage Holiday $6.95 Now! $3.50 **This is one of my favorites!!
R-2502 Whimsy Blossoms $6.95 Now! $3.50

A collection of 36 (8 X 8)papers comes in six designs and each design comes in six colors!! Perfects for cardmaking!! or mini albums.
V-904 Finger Paints $6.95 Now! $3.50
V-905 Country Cottage $6.95 Now! $3.50
V-906 Metropolis $6.95 Now! $3.50
V-907 Lap of Luxury $6.95 Now! $3.50

I have the list for the soon to be discontinue stamps, so if you want to see it and order while they are here!! Just send me an e-mail and I send it to you!!

Any question feel free to ask!! I am working on the slide show for the Envelope Tutorial so is going to be here soon!!


PS Do not tell anyone, but TAC is going to have the Surprise Boxes again this year!! $100+ in products for just $50!! Last year it was a hit!! Everyone wants a Surprise Box and they were very SURPRISED!!! Including me.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Yiha!!!!!! I am sooo excited!!

I just have to tell you that I am extremely excited, why?

** I have a great class on Saturday, can not wait to upload the pictures!!

** I GOT my trimmer!! so stay tune tomorrow to see the Envelope tutorial!!

** I am close to 5,000 hits!!! and this is my 60 post!!!

Can you beleive it?? Yeahhhhhh I am really excited about all this! So wait for a CANDY!! Soon!

I just want to share with you.


Friday, October 19, 2007

What is going on here!!!

Hello Friends!!

Is only 12 days until last day to take advance of the DOUBLE hostes incentives from TAC!! Do not forget to send me your order to receive the most of the incentives!! And if you are in Puerto Rico or USA and want to get a ½ price* item just send me an e-mail and I will gladly tell you how to do so!! (*anything from the catalog!!! with a $50 or more regular order)

I was working on my Chipboard Book Class for tomorrow at Memory Lane, that was you were missing me!!LOL If you can not come! You can buy your kit and do it at home, I will include the idea sheet!!

The kit contains:

1 Soar with it collection $6.95 (of your choice)
1 Chipboard book
Bold Flourishes Stamp set

Only $25 plus shipping and handling
($12 without stamps)

You may be asking what is that image!! here! Is a preview of the November promo!! Oh my Golly!! SO stay tuned to see more!! You do not want to miss this one!!!


PS I still waiting for my paper trimmer, I have not forget about the envelope tutorial!! and now I have another one to show!! so stay tuned!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Toni's Challenge and my story with Sketches!!

Ohh, what happened to me?? If you know me you know that I can not work with sketches to do my scrapbooks, but now I am addicted to do cards using sketches!! what FUN is that!!!

Can you beleive it? I can not do a scrapbook with a sketch and now I am hunting sketches to do some cards, maybe I can try later to do a scrapbook page with a sketch and maybe I can DO it too!! But in the meantime I want to share with you a card that I made for Toni's Challenge. I used the first sketch for my card. I suggest youto check Toni's blog she is sooo talented!! and a great friend!!

For this card I used the Lilly Anna collection and the stamping girls that came with the Remember September promo!! I love this girls!!

See you later!


Monday, October 15, 2007

Posting comments in my blog!!

Hello Friends!!

I know that a lot of you have bring to my attention that you have problems trying to post comments in my blog. I have to say that the problem is fixed THANKS to Beate Johns. It was just a setting in my blog and I changed it!! SO feel free to add your comments in my blog now.

I realy apreciate to know more about you!!


PS The envelope that you see here is for Beate's challenge card!! I have to do something special for that card cause it is 5 X 5 and I do not have envelopes in that size. I am working with the tutorial for the envelope, I am just waiting for my NEW trimmer to come, since mine is pretty messed up and a GREAT friend told me NOT to use that one for my tutorials!! LOL.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My latest creation - Beate Challenge!! WSC #23


I missed you a lot, two days without posting have being like forever to me!! cause I post a lot the other day!!

The card that you see here is for Beate Challenge, is a simple and georgeus sketch I can not being without giving it a try!! Hope you like it!


1) Fold a 5 X 10 red cardstock in half so you get a 5 X 5 card! set aside
2) Cut a 4 X 4 black cardstock to mat a 3 7/8 X 3 7/8 turqouise cardstock
3) In a 3 X 3 white cardstock stamp the leafs (with Teal Leafs Versamagic ink) from Blooming Builder and the bejoyful (with Noir Palette ink) from Be set
4) Stamp a flower, I used the Oh how we love set (soon to be released and was a Gift for hostesses on September) add Stikles and paper piece the flower then attach it to the white cardstock with a Pop Dot.
5) Before mount the black and turquoise cardstock to the red card atach a ribbon to this piece. Then glue the embelished 3 X 3 white cardstock and you are done!!

Hope you try this simple and georgeus sketch!!

I also want to remember that TAC have DOUBLE benefits during October (everything in our Hostess Plan is DOUBLE!! and I know that you do not want to miss this AWESOME promo!! Do not forget about the TACBAGS!! (first come first serve!!) either! and the Crazy for colors promo!! If you need more details, just contact me.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Masculine Birthday Card Kit!!

Here is the last kit for the WCMD!! I am soo happy to share this with you. It was so much fun, 1)create the cards, 2)share with the girls at the WCMD event, 3)the uploading process, 4)create the slide shows, 5) post it here for you, 6)read your e-mails and comments!! PRICELESS!!

This was the hardest kit of all, MASCULINE!!! oh my!! but here it is!

Hope you like it and enjoy it:

Sets used here:

Express yourself - Discontinued from TAC
Just smile - Discontinued from TAC
Party Time - Level A Hostess Set


YOU card kit

Here is the You card kit (Thank you, Thinking of you, Missing you, Love you and YOU) I hope you like it as much as I do. Here I used Perfect Pearls, doodling, paper piecing, diecut, stickles, stamping with marker. If you have any question just let me know!

Sets used for this kit:

Blooming Builders
Sweet Sayings
Heart-itudeTrendy Greetings
Simply Divine
Alpha Grunge


My FIRST Tutorial!!

I am soooo excited to share with you my FIRST tutorial!! Is the folder that I teach at the WCMD event! But first, I have to tell you the whole story. When I was designing the Kits for the WCMD I have three cardstocks and one pattern paper, and I want to do 5 cards with envelopes and a project to do to hold the cards (I can only use those materials because I want to charge only $5 bucks!!) With that on mind I have to cut my cardstock in a way to have a big piece of paper for the folder/portfolio. So I figure that I just have a 6.5 X 12 piece and that I have to create my folder/portfolio with that! and this is the way I did that.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Femenine Birthday Card kit

Here are the photos for the Femenine Birthday kit!! I have lots of fun with this one. I add stickles, felt flower, ribbon, acetate and I use a decorative scissors with the crop-a-dile to do a fancy effect to one of the cards!!

Stamps used for this cards:

Trendy GreetingsCircle Sampler
Sweet Sayings
Party Time - Level A Hostess Set
Spring Dream - Level C Hostess Set
Happy Celebration - Level B Hostess Set

Hope you enjoy them, stay tune for the tutorial, my camera is charging but the pictures were taken today!! and the tutorial is already done, so I just need to upload the photos, hang on there!! I know that you are waiting for this and is going to be my FIRST tutorial so I am as excited as you!!


Pink Card Kit

This is the set with Pink Cards in honor to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All the money from this kits was donated to the Susan G Komen.

Sets used in this cards:

Blooming Builders
More Abundance
Blessed with


Monday, October 08, 2007

Christmas Card Kit

Hello Dear FRIENDS!!

Thanks for all the messages and phone calls!! I know that you are waiting for this, but is not that easy take good pictures and upload them and made the slide show, so I just want to share the Christmas Card kit first and later I am going to post the rest. I took the pictures and uploaded them to my computer, so I think tomorrow they should be here, but tonight is Hero and CSI: Miami and I am not sure that I can do the slide show tonight, LOL

I hope you enjoy the cards as much as the girls enjoy them at the WCMD!!

Stamps set used for this cards:

Silhouette Nativity
Holiday Greetings
Christmas Season

Wait for the tutorial tomorrow, How to do the Folder for the cards, that can be an awesome gift for Christmas!!


Saturday, October 06, 2007

World Card Making Day!

Hello to everyone!!

I have to say sorry to all of you (I have being MIA) my week!! was very busy! I was doing all the things normally plus designing 25 cards for today, cause I have a World Card Making Day crop! and I have to tell you it was so much FUN!! NOW I am really tired! but it was very nice to see some of you I was missing already!, some of my dear friends that are always with me and the ones that I met today personally, after so many online and phone chatting.

Check again later because I am going to do a slideshow with the 25 cards, if you have no details about the activity, I can tell you that we made 5 cards of 5 differents themes: Christmas, Femenine Birthday, Masculine Birthday, YOU (wich includes: Missing you, Thank you, Love you, Thinking of you and YOU! and a Pink kit in honor to the national month of Breast Cancer Awareness (all the money collect from the sales of this kit is going to the SGK)

Now I have to run to the bed, cause I am really tired, I have to tell you that I was sleepig already and I woke up just to post this here!!

Talk to you later!


Monday, October 01, 2007

Today is October 1st!!

Hello dear FRIENDS!!

I can not beleive October started today!! I was waiting for this moment, LOL!! and I know a lot of people on the same boat!!


Double Benefits for Hostesses (everything on the table is DOUBLE!!)
Crazy for color promotion


$50 in FREE STAMPS of your choice
Free TACBAG!! (aprox. $50 value)

This is your time to get your wings and be part of the Creative Stampers TEAM!! so contact me for all the details of this GREAT PROMO for October!!