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Monday, October 08, 2007

Christmas Card Kit

Hello Dear FRIENDS!!

Thanks for all the messages and phone calls!! I know that you are waiting for this, but is not that easy take good pictures and upload them and made the slide show, so I just want to share the Christmas Card kit first and later I am going to post the rest. I took the pictures and uploaded them to my computer, so I think tomorrow they should be here, but tonight is Hero and CSI: Miami and I am not sure that I can do the slide show tonight, LOL

I hope you enjoy the cards as much as the girls enjoy them at the WCMD!!

Stamps set used for this cards:

Silhouette Nativity
Holiday Greetings
Christmas Season

Wait for the tutorial tomorrow, How to do the Folder for the cards, that can be an awesome gift for Christmas!!


1 comment:

Lisadwb said...

I can't wait to learn how to make that cute folder!!