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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How seet!! and Blog Candy extended!

I decide to extend the Candy until tomorrow, so you can have a lil bit more of time to add your comment and have the chance to WIN!!

I just have to share a comment in that post!!

"I love your mini albums. Now I'm "hooked". So here is a little something for you.

D ivine and
I inspiring
A good friend to me.
N ever seen her sad.
A true "Stamping Queen". "

It was sooo sweet to read this post, because sometimes we think that what we do is just something to someone but sometimes we never know when we touch a person, and through the blog I can know more about you! and the way you feel about me, and that is a real blessing!!

Thanks to all for the messages that you add to my blog, I always read them with a smile on my face!! and beside my family, the other inspiration that I have to keep working is your comments! that really inspires me!


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