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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I need a break!!

Wow, today was a hard day for me!! I woke up early because my parents were coming today to visit me with my nice that is going to move to USA!! on Monday! It was a hard time for us, but specially for my mother since we are planing to move away too!! then she is only going to have close the twins (boys) and their lil sister!! I don't want to think about that now, because I need to finish 38 kits for tomorrow morning!! so I need to run with this post!

I just want to share with you a I did for my niece! she graduates from Sixth Grade last Thursday! and I couldn't assist! I did also a mini album for her so she can save the graduation's pics!! Since the colors where dark pink and gold! I use the Mimi paper collection!! Here is just the Cover! because I have to keep working with tomorrow's workshop and I need to sleep too!!

Talk to you later! well tomorrow with the challenge!! Start looking for LETTERS!!! just a hint!


PS I noticed that I took the card's photo before I add the '08 besides the grad cap!!


Seleise said...

how fun to have the family visit. great job on your niece's gift. very sweet! And, good luck getting ready for your workshop. 38 kits! wow - amazing! good for you! hope it goes well!

Tammy said...

Hope you have a great family visit!! Your gift is beautiful, I bet your niece loves it!!

SBS4 said...

Very pretty your niece will love it, enjoy the family visit and seminar!

"Jany" said...

If it is as beautiful as the one I did last night... She'll love it! Check mine! I just posted the pics a while back!

~KRISTY~ said...


Barb said...

These are great projects, Diana! Good luck with the kits!