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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday of Challenge!!

I GOT my Build a Flower set two days ago!! and I NEED to play with it, right away!! So since I was working with 2 differents project kits for the Camp! (yeahhhhhh 38 each!!! yikessss) I used it for one of the cards there!! wohoooooooooo!! Then, when I finished I said, well I need to post the challenge, but I can't challenge to use the NEW set because I know not everyone have it already (but remember you can order it NOW if you want to) so I said, hmmmmmmmmmmm work a card with the set and there you have something NEW, take an old embelishment and you get something OLD and the designers paper I have on hand, since I used those for one of the kids projects!! and I get something BLUE!! so that is my challenge for you!! Use something NEW, something OLD and something BLUE!! Hope to see your creations!!

I'm doing this posts quick!! because I have so much to do and is WEDNESDAY!! so just a week for TAC's Seminar!! Can you beleive it? Well, I just need to beleive and start finishing my stuff!! LOL!


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Percy said...

Love this set!!! Got to get my hands on one of them! :)