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Monday, June 02, 2008

Another Father's Day Card!

Yes!!! I am getting excited with masculine cards, lol! This one is using Beate's Sketch! I love her site! and her sketches so I love to give it a try when I can!!

The letter P is for Papá (DAD)

Hope you like it! I need to run now!!


PS Is already June!! Just 16 to go!! Can you beleive it?


EVELYN said...

me gusto mucho el concepto de la tarjeta esta bien bonita y sobre todo bien masculina, y te deseo que tengas un buen viaje y traigas como siempre buenas ideas para el proximo year,

evelyn almodovar(otero)

Percy said...

Bella, tengo que ponerme al dia con las tarjetas de los padres!!!

Sorry Diana,

I have tagged you!!!

Seleise said...

cute card, Diana! Love the P for papa! :)

Linda said...

Cute card. In our house P stands for "pepaw". LOL the samething only a little rounder.

beate said...

Great card, Diana!
Thanks so much for playing!
Hugs and smiles

Ginger - Angel 1427 said...

Hi Seminar Buddy - I have a little gift on my blog for you. Have a great day!

Jane said...

Love how this turned out! Great masculine card.