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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tomorow is the last day...

Yesss, is the last day of August and the end of the promotion Two to treasure! You can find more information here. If you want to take advance of this offer you have to send the papers today before 5:00pm, so give me a call or send me an e-mail to help you with.

Today is also the last day for the August SOTM so if you need it, send me your order of $30 and I can add you one for just $4.25! what a deal!! This set is awesome and I know that you are going to use it a lot!! Remember tomorrow is not going to be available!

I almost forget!! Tomorrow start the new PROMO!!! OMG Lilly Anna and Mimi Stamps kit!! I have some pre-orders so if you want this set asap, rush me your order today so I can order it for you and I am going to extend the pre-order offer until today!! so if you rush me your order today you are going to receive the SPECIAL KIT!! also, more details here this SPECIAL KIT is the perfect complement for the Lilly Anna and Mimi Stamps kit.


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