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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Special photos

This photos are very special for me!!

Here I am with Yuki at the Hotel's Restaurant. I was sooo hungry the first night, but since I was alone in my bedroom I have no idea where to go for food. So I went down for Annette's Pool Party and stay there a lil bit with Heather DeVino, she was staying beside my room with her DH. But I was really hungry so I decide to get to my room and look for my purse to go to the restaurant and eat something, but no one want to eat alone!! and at the elevator I met Yuki who said she was VERY HUNGRY!! like me and I ask if I can eat with her and she said of course!! We went together to eat and Shannon was with her and later Pooh came with us too!! We have a nice time together that night. And I am not going to forget that Yuki was always there when I need someone!! Thanks my dear "ANGEL"!!

This one is with Julie & Annette two incredible ladies, it is best if I call them "Angels". Julie is a very talent "Angel" she is awesome!! what I like the most about her is that she is always sharing with us her talent, her knowledge and her time. We both received a crownfor recruting!! and we were at Club Med!! Annette is just amazing!! I get in contact with her the first time because she organize the "Angel Blessing Program" we send her money that she collect so that way at least one "Angel" can assist to Seminar. She also received the "Angel Award" this year. This is a Special Honor because "Angels" are the one that decide who is going to received it!! She deserve that award and more!!

Here I am with Jackie & Ginger!! ohhhh this ladies are my upline and one of her downlines!! (So I can say my mom and one of my sisters!!) Jackie have about 200!! downlines but for me Ginger is sooo special. When I need someone that I can count with (to listen to you, to share advice and be there!) she is always there. She also received the "Creative Cherub Award!" Yes, for being the way she is she received the award for being there for us sharing with us and support us when we need it!! Thanks to her advices I did the Perfect Start Program!!! and I do not forget that! What can I say about Jackie! She is the best upline I can ever had!! She is talented and she is always there for me! She work hard and she love to share with us her knowledge and that is wonderful because she is the TOP SELLER and she received also a crown for recruting!! She won, for four years!! in a row, the TAC Cruise!! I love to be surrounded for this ladies!! That I assure you I can call "ANGELS"


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