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Monday, August 13, 2007

I have to share!!

First, I wan to share this 8 X 8 chipboard frame I did for a demo about two weeks ago! I used Curls and Swirls, More Abundance, Punctuation and Swirly Bet sets, of course a lot of Stickles and the Hostess Level C!! set. I want to use this picture because there is not much pictures about me and my daughters, hope you enjoy it!!
Well yesterday I tried to do something else in the scraproom, so at least I set up my cumputer and printer on the table. My DH bought me a wireless keyboard and mouse!! and everything is working perfectly!! Yesss, I am writing from my scraproom.

Today was my first drawing class at the University of Puerto Rico. I decided to take this class and do something relaxing for me!! So a drawing class can help me with that. Is going to be every Monday 5-9 pm. I have fun today and the professor ask us to draw something!! Do you want to see my drawing?? LOL At least I did it and have fun with it.

Now I need to work with some stamping stuff, so see you later!!



Anonymous said...

Diana, I'm so glad I found your blog! I love the picture of you and your girls. They are beautiful (like their mom)! It was great to meet you at Seminar!

Diana said...

Wow, this is an honor!! thanks for stoping by!!


PS I am trying to add my favs blogs here!! so check it out soon!!