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Saturday, August 11, 2007

My day...

Wow, today I have been trying to re-organize my scraproom since I am going to have a computer!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH (my DH bought one for him and the older one is going to be in there now) So I need to clean out to do room for it. I am sooo happy about it but is a lot of work! you know moving, change, put away, etc. I can see something already and I am very happy. As soon as I have everything done I am going to upload a photo.

I have to tell you that my DH and my daughters are happy too!! My DH because he is not going to have any paper or stamping stuff in his office and my daughters because I have some stuff for them!! so they can do paper crafts!!

Well, see you later because I need to keep cleaning so I can show my scraproom soon!!


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