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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday of Challenge

I have a better ("easier") day today! and I'm waiting to have a good one tomorrow! since I have plans to finish all my works for my class on Friday and Saturday! wohoooooooo, pray for me!

I have been cleaning my table, yes I still have lots of stuff there so I keep trying! I did about 5 complete cards (with scraps!!) yesterday that I will share with you this week! but in the meantime I challenge you to start with your Gift Tags! I don't know if this happen to you, but last year I remember that I spent more than 4 hours packaging my christmas gifts and most of the time was doing the TAGS! so this year I start early, and this is what I have done! They are very simple, I just used stuff on my table I create this set of tags! can you join me? Please share with me what you have done!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!



Lisadwb said...

Cute!! I should get some cards ready to go.Thanks for the little nudge!

Barb said...

Great set of cards, Diana! Love the toned-down colors and simplicity.