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Friday, November 28, 2008

Not so good day!

OHHHHHH, I'm tired!! but really tired! and I didn't go to BF sales!! I spent all day trying to finish two of the class reports I want to finish by Monday. But it wasn't sooo cool when you have two daughters that wants to be just with mom!! I did the arrengements to cover today's classes on Wednesday! yes there wasn't free day, lol, they have goals and I have everything by the book so they can acomplish their goals and have satisfaction about it! so even when they have FREE time to play, paint, watch TV and whatever they want! they wants mommy to be with them!! so I did my best but it wasn't enough. I hope to finish it by Monday so I can just have one more to go to finish my class' works! (my birthday is on Dec. 8 and I don't want to be with any stress by that day, but you never know!)

Hee is a card I did and I also sold it! how fun is that! the same day I did I show it and sold it! It was soooo much fun for me! I used the Vintage Holiday Stamp set and Designer paper combined with Red, Kraft and Brown Cardstock everything from TAC!


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Carmen said...

I totally understand the children wanting more of mommy. You did a wonderful job on the card!