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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday of Challenge!! (So sorry I was MIA)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, can't beleive that I was 2 weeks without posting!! I was really busy!! I had to do a presentation for my class (about depression in adolescence), I had to finished a take home to deliver that same day (Nov. 10), I was soooooooooooo busy!! that on Monday Nov 10 my girls said: "can we have our mom back?" that was really sad!! (even do I was all week here at the house! but studying a lot!! I have breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner and read the Bible every day with them ! but that wasn't enough for them! at least on Nov 10 I was done, but since they want their mom back they want me all the time for them! so NO time on my workshop, lol!)and then my lil daughter turns 6! and she wants to celebrate it! so here I'm after two weeks, tired I just want to go to bed, but today is Criminal Minds!! lol, so I'm here to challenge you again!

This time is a really EASY PEASY one!! I just want for you to make something using JUST what you have on YOUR TABLE right now! Mine is a mess! a REAL MESS! so I was trying to do a lil bit of cleaning on mine, just a tiny one!, and I did this! so what you can do using just what you have on your table? share with us!



Seleise said...

wow - you've really been busy. Glad you get to spend some more time with your daughters now. :) Love the cards. The two trees are soooo cute and the sparkly star is great!

Sonia said...

Hi Diana
Love your cards.
Love the tiny xmas tree, very pretty.
Also love the glitter star, look great.
I was busy too cann't call you, sorry!

Lisadwb said...

You have been busy. I am glad you got to spend a little time with your girls.
Cute cards I a,m hoping to finish my Christmas cards this weekend. (Oh, and my workspaces are a MESS!)

"Jany" said...

Tu espacio no es el único que es un desastre. jejeje. Me encantaron esas dos tarjetitas. Casi siempre termina gustándome más lo que haces con tus scraps que lo que planificas. ¿porqué seráS? ¿te hará falta los regueros? jajajaj

Barb said...

It's wonderful that you finally got in a little 'girl time'... you sound so busy!

Great cards... it's amazing what you'll find on your workspace, isn't it?!

Tammy said...

Beautiful card!!